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Posts tagged 'Sprott Global'

Manager Insights from the Sprott Gold Team - Sprott Global

By Sprott Global 2 years ago 1093 Views

With the surprise Trump election victory, the markets have undergone a massive rotation. Literally overnight virtually every major position trade has been turned on its head. Because gold is relatively minor in the grand scheme of markets, it has become caught in the wake of this massive rotation.

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A Snapshot of How Trump's Election Affected Gold Commodities and Major Markets Last Week - Sprott Global

By Sprott Global 2 years ago 1390 Views

Donald Trump’s election, combined with Republican majorities in both the House and Senate, clearly marks a new direction for U.S. government policy. Given that U.S. government policy and actions are a dominant factor in the world economy, it's important to take stock as to how the policies of Trump’s presidency might affect markets and, therefore, your investments and speculations.

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Sprott Precious Metals Strategy Report - Sprott Global

By Sprott Global 2 years ago 1958 Views

In recent days, various investment banks have rushed to reduce their price forecasts toward the $1,050-to-$1,100 range. With all due respect to these market participants, we would suggest absolutely nothing of substance has changed in gold’s medium- and long-term investment fundamentals.

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Gold Corrections, Patterns, and Positioning - Sprott Global

By Sprott Global 2 years ago 1943 Views

The yellow metal advanced mightily in the first six months of this year and then held those gains for the next three, so it was not a surprise to see it give up some ground in October.

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Global Debt Grows & Central Banks Are Buyers - Tim Taschler

By Tim Taschler 2 years ago 4058 Views

The IMF reported last week that global debt hit a record $152 trillion. I’m old enough to remember when a million was a lot, and in the past two decades we have blown right through talking of millions and billions and are now throwing around trillions like it's nothing.

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Sprott & Royal Canadian Mint Precious Metals Forum Presentations

By Sprott Global 2 years ago 2412 Views

On October 5, 2016, the Sprott and Royal Canadian Mint Precious Metals Forum took place in Ottawa, Canada. There, speakers like John Embry and Eric Sprott took the stage, giving their thoughts on the current status of precious metals in the economy. We are pleased to bring you their presentations.

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October Gold Update

By Sprott Global 2 years ago 1976 Views

What a way to start October. Gold slipped mightily, easily falling through US$1,300 on Oct. 4th to bottom at US$1,269 per oz. before closing the day at US$1,283, down 2.3%. That took it back to pre-Brexit levels, erasing a move that had been consolidating for three months. The next day it lost another US$14.

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John Embry: The Fundamental Attraction of Gold

By Sprott Global 2 years ago 3360 Views

For investors who are both just beginning their foray into gold investment, and for those who have been long time proponents of gold, Sprott Senior Advisor John Embry breaks down the recent history of the U.S., highlighting the pressures that have brought fiat currency to the brink, U.S. debt liabilities to staggering heights, and gold back to the institutional investor’s crosshairs.

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Rick Rule Interview Series Part III & IV

By Sprott U.S. Media 3 years ago 1596 Views

The third and fourth installments of the Rick Rule interview series.

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The Buffett Index - #4 - An Educational Series - Trey Reik

By Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd. 3 years ago 1634 Views

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an overall picture of the stock market? Following the stock market’s worst start to a year in history, there have been plenty of whispers threatening a market cooling, and many are wondering if this is a temporary pause in the overall market’s upward trend, or if a larger correction is in the offing. Investors look to a thousand different indicators, indexes and market shifts, hoping to divine an answer.

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