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Posts tagged 'Sprott Money'

Amazon, Gold and Economic Collapse - Rory Hall/Dave Kranzler

By Rory Hall/Dave Kranzler 5 days ago 2813 Views No comments

Shadow of Truth returns to the airwaves with the latest updates on Amazon purchasing Whole Foods and how this will affect Amazon stocks.

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Anti-Gold Propaganda Flares Up - Dave Kranzler

By Dave Kranzler 5 days ago 3425 Views No comments

Predictably, after the gold price has been pushed down in the paper market by the western Central Banks – primarily the Federal Reserve – negative propaganda to outright fake news proliferates.

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An Empire Self-Destructs - Jeff Thomas

By Jeff Thomas 6 days ago 3123 Views No comments

Like other empires before it, the US is now on the verge of relinquishing the crown of empire. If there’s any difference this time around, it’s that its collapse will very likely be far more spectacular than that of previous empires.

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The Housing Market Bubble Is Popping - Dave Kranzler

By Dave Kranzler 7 days ago 4397 Views No comments

As with all other highly manipulated data, the financial media has a blind bias toward the “bullish” story attached to the housing market.

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The Middle East Is Blowing Up - John Rubino

By John Rubino 7 days ago 4108 Views No comments

Every day brings another scary headline from the Middle East — which makes it easy to treat them as background noise rather than a clear and present danger. But the latest batch is reminiscent of the Balkans circa 1914, which means it may be time to tune back in.

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The Fed Rate Hike and Gold - Keith Weiner

By Keith Weiner 8 days ago 3749 Views No comments

The big news this week comes from the Fed, which announced two things.

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The End of Markets, Part I - Jeff Nielson

By Jeff Nielson 8 days ago 4013 Views 3 comments

We have “free markets”. This is what is crowed constantly by the vacuous parrots of the mainstream media. It’s a nice myth – for anyone lacking the knowledge to see through it. The reality is that in larger terms, we no longer have any markets at all.

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Welcome To The Third World: Illinois Death Watch - John Rubino

By John Rubino 8 days ago 5150 Views No comments

It’s been a long time coming, but Illinois’ slow-mo financial disaster is now front page news.

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Gold Confiscation in the U.S. - Rory Hall

By Rory Hall 8 days ago 5809 Views No comments

GATA reported yesterday, and we picked up the story, about a golden rooster being confiscated by the Treasury in 1960. The rooster weighed in at a hefty 14 pounds of solid gold – that’s a lot of gold. The rooster is gone forever into the clutches of IRS thugs and is probably on display in one of the fed heads' trophy cases.

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Gold & The CIA Go Back A Long Time - Nico Simons

By Nico Simons 12 days ago 12834 Views No comments

Is the CIA involved with the world gold market? The short answer is yes.

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