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Posts tagged 'Sprott Money'

Cryptocurrencies: The Unfolding Fiat Digital Scheme - Rory Hall

By Rory Hall Yesterday 1064 Views No comments

When I wrote the three part series detailing how the banksters could potentially unleash the next level of enslavement through cryptocurrencies I hadn’t even discovered ACChain. Two months later we find out that ACChain is unfolding right now – it is here and it is growing, daily. Quantum computing is here.

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The Gold Direction Indicator Keeps Rising - Peter Degraaf

By Peter Degraaf Yesterday 1650 Views No comments

The stage is set for a possible upside breakout in the price of gold and mining stocks, and the seasonal trends are in support. As always, use protective sell stops beneath your long positions, to protect profits.

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Belt & Road and Precious Metals - Jeff Nielson

By Jeff Nielson Yesterday 2029 Views No comments

The economic, monetary, and mining fundamentals that favor higher precious metals prices have never been stronger. With metals prices perennially suppressed, both the gold and silver market have long-term supply deficits. What else is necessary to shatter the bankers' chokehold over these markets? Strong demand. China's “Belt and Road Initiative” equals strong demand.

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Total Eclipse of Sense - Gary Christenson

By Gary Christenson Yesterday 1276 Views No comments

The eclipse of the sun occurred yesterday. The silver moon covers the golden sun, plunging a small portion of the United States into darkness for a few minutes. Perhaps it is time to do a sanity check.

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The LBMA Is A Ploy of the Central Bank Community - Nico Simons

By Nico Simons Yesterday 2090 Views No comments

This article is about the way the Central Bank Community manipulates the price of gold and the role of the LBMA within. We describe some of the signs that the Central Bank Community manipulate the price of gold and that they are using the LBMA to reach their goal.

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The IMF overlooked more than 3.000 ton gold from 2009 till 2015

By Nico Simons 2 days ago 3252 Views No comments

In their annual report 2015 the IMF stated that the world official holdings in gold are 30.506 ton ( 980.800.000 ounces ) as per 2009.

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​Bad Ideas About Money, Bitcoin, and Gold Report

By Keith Weiner 2 days ago 2495 Views No comments

Most false or irrational ideas about money are not new. For example, take the idea that government can just fix the price of one monetary asset against another.

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August 18, 2017 - Weekly Wrap-Up with Eric Sprott

By Craig Hemke 5 days ago 6745 Views No comments

This week, Eric Sprott discusses how political and geo-political turmoil in the U.S. is driving precious metal prices higher.

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Debt, Dollars, DOW, War, Silver, and Shirts

By Gary Christenson 6 days ago 2869 Views No comments

Yes, they are connected. Dollars are created as debt. More dollars in circulation = more debt. More debt means consumption is “pulled forward” from the future so consumption can occur now. This usually ends badly.

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The LBMA is a ploy of the Central Bank Community

By Nico Simons 7 days ago 4885 Views No comments

This article is about the way the Central Bank Community manipulates the price of gold and the role of the LBMA within.

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