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Posts tagged 'Steve Todoruk'

Gold Miners Share Price Performance: Australia vs. North America-Steve Todoruk (10/4/2018)

By Steve Todoruk 7 months ago 2867 Views No comments

"Historically, when gold rises steadily, or makes a significant jump upwards, the share prices of those companies rise in tandem."After the rapid rise to $1,250 from the low of $1,050 per ounce in late 2015, gold traded in a range between $1,200 to $1,300 for most of 2016 and 2017.

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How to Profit in a Sideways Market - Steve Todoruk (22/3/2017)

By Steve Todoruk 2 years ago 3422 Views No comments

Nevertheless, there is a class of mining company that can deliver profits even in a sideways market. I refer to these collectively as “new discovery” types of mineral exploration companies.

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Gold Equity Market Cycles - Steve Todoruk

By Steve Todoruk 2 years ago 1953 Views

Over the past 45 years, there have been 7 bull cycles and 7 bear cycles with varying duration and percentage gains.

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Steve Todoruk: A Healthier Gold Mining Industry - Maurice Jackson

By Maurice Jackson 2 years ago 1614 Views No comments

Steve Todoruk of ‘Sprott Global Resource Investments’ sits down with Maurice Jackson of ‘Proven & Probable’ to discuss the current state of the Gold Mining Industry.

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What Kind Of Portfolio Works For A New Gold Investor? - Steve Todoruk

By Steve Todoruk 3 years ago 1532 Views

It is commonly suggested that investors should have up to 5% of their net worth invested in gold products to diversify risks in their portfolios[i]. As followers of this publication likely know, throughout history gold has been used as a form of money. Having exposure to gold may, from time to time, guard against inflation, deflation and world currency turmoil.[ii]

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Teething Problems in New Mines - Steve Todoruk

By admin 3 years ago 2592 Views No comments

Yesterday the gold market witnessed the latest casualty of a new gold producer – Rubicon Minerals Corp. (RBY.US, RMX.CA) when they announced negative news in regards to their newly commissioned Phoenix Mine in eastern Canada.

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“Why I’m Looking at Small Gold Miners. . .”: Steve Todoruk

By admin 3 years ago 1930 Views No comments

Steve Todoruk, a broker at Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd., has been following the move higher in certain gold mining stocks. Henry Bonner asked Steve why some miners are recovering – but not others.

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Steve Todoruk: How Big Miners Are Reliving the Late 90's Bust (Sprott's Thoughts)

By admin 4 years ago 989 Views No comments

October 17, 2014
By Henry Bonner (hbonner@sprottglobal.com)
Sprott Global

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"Gold Price Going Up or Mines Will Close" Within 6 Months: Steve Todoruk - Sprott's Thoughts

By admin 5 years ago 938 Views No comments

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