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Posts tagged 'stocks'

Trend Remains Up but Downside Risks Remain - David Brady (July 30, 2020)

By David Brady 16 days ago 10100 Views No comments

We got the anticipated pullback in Gold right on schedule the night before the FOMC meeting on Wednesday. It dropped from a high of 1975 to support at 1900. Given Silver’s dramatic outperformance relative to Gold, it was no surprise that the dump in Silver was far more precipitous. Silver fell ~15% between 10pm Tuesday and 3am Wednesday morning. That’s equivalent to a drop of ~500 points in the S&P from 3200 to 2700, “in just five hours”. Black Monday type moves.

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A Staggering Number of Businesses Are Set to Collapse as COVID-19 Continues to Accelerate - Nathan McDonald (July 10, 2020)

By Nathan McDonald 1 month ago 5954 Views No comments

Despite the chaos of the world around us, despite spiking COVID-19 cases, and despite a record number of businesses shuttering their doors (many never to re-open again), markets remain relatively healthy.

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Clouds Gather for Oil, Stocks, and Gold in the Short-Term - David Brady (June 26, 2020)

By David Brady 2 months ago 37020 Views No comments

Beginning with the fundamental backdrop, we’re seeing an increasing number of headlines and States signaling a resurgence of COVID-19, or “Wave 2”, and talk of renewed lockdowns. This comes on the heels of the Fed’s taper of liquidity, which I discussed last week. This spells disaster for the economy and a double whammy for stocks.

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A Crisis of Confidence, Part Two - Craig Hemke (May 19, 2020)

By Craig Hemke 3 months ago 145613 Views 1 comment

Back in March and April, a chasm opened between the dollar price of spot gold (XAU) and the front month COMEX futures contract. So-called experts reassured us that this was simply due to "logistics" and "gold being in the wrong place". Was this true, or might it have been just another set of apologies from the usual shills?

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Falling Real Yields Will Signal Record Highs for Gold Ahead - David Brady (May 14, 2020)

By David Brady 3 months ago 12254 Views No comments

First a quick update on the Physical Metal situation. The good news is that there is still product available to buy, there is more inventory coming back online, and premiums over the paper price are falling. The bad news is that the improvement in supply levels is largely confined to the coins; cheaper bars >10 oz. remain relatively non-existent.

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Where Have All the Specs Gone? - Craig Hemke (May 5, 2020)

By Craig Hemke 3 months ago 113871 Views No comments

One might think that the current madness combined with QE∞ from the global central banks would lead to surging speculator interest in owning and trading COMEX precious metals futures. But the opposite is true. How weird is that?

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PRECIOUS-Gold set for best month in 4 years as central banks unleash stimulus

By Thomson Reuters 4 months ago 505 Views No comments

(Adds ECB statement, updates prices) * ECB keeps rates unchanged at policy meeting * U.S. Fed keeps interest rates near zero * Gold up more than 9% so far this month

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GLOBAL MARKETS-Stocks nurse record monthly gains ahead of ECB

By Thomson Reuters 4 months ago 950 Views No comments

* Gilead's remdesivir shows promise in clinical trial

* MSCI world stocks heads for best month on record

* Major currencies in holding patter

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GLOBAL MARKETS-Shares jump on coronavirus treatment hopes, oil soars

By Thomson Reuters 4 months ago 863 Views No comments

* Fed leaves rates near zero, sees virus risks lingering

* MSCI global stock index up over 2%

* Gilead: remdesivir trials show improvement fo

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GLOBAL MARKETS-Global stocks gain on hopes pandemic is reaching peak

By Thomson Reuters 4 months ago 573 Views No comments

Global shares rose on Thursday on hopes the COVID-19 pandemic was nearing a peak and that governments would roll out more stimulus to support their economies, while expectations of a deal to cut oil production bolstered crude prices.

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Fed's short-term corporate funding plan boosts stocks, gold, dollar

By Thomson Reuters 5 months ago 736 Views No comments

Gold, the dollar and global equity markets rose on Tuesday after the Federal Reserve said it would buy short-term corporate debt directly from companies to help relieve credit markets under strain from the economic impact of the coronavirus epidemic.

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Historic Losses Occur as Wall Street Finally Realizes the Threat That the Coronavirus Poses to the Global Economy - Nathan McDonald (27/02/2020)

By Nathan McDonald 6 months ago 39358 Views No comments

The coronavirus will have a massive economic impact that could possibly send the world into a severe recession.

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Beware the Ides of March? What Stock Prices are Trying to Tell Us - Weekly Wrap-Up (March 15, 2019)

By Craig Hemke 1 years ago 37598 Views No comments

Eric Sprott discusses the week that was in precious metals and looks ahead to a volatile week next.

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Micron/China Drag The Markets Lower - Chris Vermeulen (06/07/2018)

By Chris Vermeulen 2 years ago 1669 Views No comments

As the markets opened on July 3 rd, prices had already started to rally and appeared to be ready to rocket higher by a decent amount. Yet, by early morning, news that China had banned Micron chip sales in a patent case caused the markets to reverse quite steadily

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Stock Market Breaks Out of Bullish Chart Pattern- Chris Vermeulen (10/05/2018)

By Chris Vermeulen 2 years ago 2435 Views 1 comment

A broader look at the SPY Weekly chart shows a similar perspective over the past three months of price action, yet we can see the Long-Term Upward Support channel as well as the Massive Price Support “block” that is near the right side of the chart.

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