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Posts tagged 'Turd Ferguson'

March 31, 2017 - Weekly Wrap-Up with Eric Sprott

By Craig Hemke 2 years ago 11602 Views

This week, Eric Sprott takes stock of the first quarter performance of both gold and silver and looks ahead to the remainder of 2017.

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Endless Fed Deceit - Craig Hemke (7/3/2017)

By Craig Hemke 2 years ago 6043 Views No comments

Of course, we all know that the benevolent and altruistic organization called The Federal Reserve is on a rate hike regimen because the US economy is "booming" and "robust". Oh, really? After just +1.6% "growth" for 2016, Mr. Donut in Atlanta today lowered his Q1 GDP projection to just +1.3%. That sure sounds robust to me!

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Early Aught Perspective - Craig Hemke (3/3/2017)

By Craig Hemke 2 years ago 5303 Views No comments

Since all of the Fed Goon jawboning this week has now raised the odds of a March FOMC rate hike to 147%, we thought it best to write today with some perspective on the past...perhaps unearthing some clues as to why Comex Digital Gold seems to rally every time The Fed hikes rates.

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Metals Capped Into FOMC Minutes - Craig Hemke (22/2/2017)

By Craig Hemke 2 years ago 7776 Views 1 comment

An incredible amount of fraudulent, virtual silver is being created in order to cap price and paint the chart. Will JPM and the rest of The Evil Empire be successful once again in capping price and routing the Specs? The reaction to today's FOMC minutes may help to determine the outcome.

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The Sudden Onset of Inflation - Craig Hemke (15/2/2017)

By Craig Hemke 2 years ago 6606 Views No comments

Isn't it interesting that, all of a sudden and after eight years of supposedly flat prices and deflation fears, all the rage is "surging inflation" and this phenomena may "force the Fed to act" to raise rates again as soon as March?

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Upside Surprise For Gold And Silver In 2017 - Dave Kranzler (30/1/2017)

By Dave Kranzler/Rory Hall 2 years ago 3172 Views No comments

To date, the price of gold and silver have followed a very similar trading path that was taken by the metals in early 2016, with gold and silver bottoming in mid-December and staging a strong rally through mid-January. Technically, as our Shadow of Truth guest Craig “Turd Ferguson” Hemke points out, all of the stars were aligned for a take-down of the gold price using paper derivative gold.

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Questioning The Generally Accepted Narrative - Craig Hemke (18/1/2017)

By Craig Hemke 2 years ago 1530 Views No comments

One of the primary themes that we've been repeating is that 2017 is going to be a wildly unpredictable year. To that end, today we begin what might be a wildly unpredictable week. Buckle up.

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42 Years of Fractional Reserve Alchemy - Craig Hemke (4/1/2017)

By Craig Hemke 2 years ago 7462 Views 1 comment

It has now been 42 years since The Global Bankers successfully alchemized gold through the advent of futures trading so we begin the new year by looking back at how we got into this position in the first place

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December 16, 2016

By Craig Hemke 2 years ago 2250 Views

Hear Eric Sprott discuss this week's action by The Fed and the price reaction in gold and silver.

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Silver Manipulation In Detail - Craig Hemke

By Craig Hemke 2 years ago 1595 Views No comments

Nick Laird and his service, GoldCharts 'R' Us, has long been an ally in the battle against Bank precious metals manipulation. In light if the recent revelations from Deutschebank, Nick has compiled some of the data into charts that you simply MUST take the time to review.

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