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Posts tagged 'US Presidential election'

Donald Trump Cannot Be Brought Down By The Hillary-Loving Mainstream Media - Nathan McDonald

By Nathan McDonald 4 years ago 20929 Views 3 comments

It's no news to anyone that Trump is facing some rough times. He is fighting the entire Democratic party, traitors within the ranks of the Republican party, and just about the entire Mainstream Media. It is clear to both sides that the "system" is out to discredit and smear the Trump name.

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The Mainstream Media is Dying and For Good Reason: They ARE Corrupt! - Nathan McDonald

By Nathan McDonald 4 years ago 12754 Views 1 comment

For years, myself and many others like me who preached a similar message have been labeled "kooks", "conspiracy theorists", and "alarmists", but we will be labelled that way no more. A MASSIVE segment of the population has woken up and they are not only mad - they are outright furious.

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