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‘The Silver Fix’ and The Iceberg Strategy - Jeff Nielson

By Jeff Nielson 5 years ago 2070 Views No comments

August 12, 2014

As all regular readers now know, we do not have markets. What the bankers and drones of the Corporate media call “markets” are now just totally rigged casinos. These crooked casinos manipulate all of our real-world markets, all of the time via a single, computerized trading algorithm.

This Master Trading Program is so overwhelmingly massive and dominant in its size and scope that it produces more than 100 phony/illegal trades per second – in just the commodity markets of the CME, according to evidence submitted in a new, class-action law suit. It is this electronic mechanism for totally controlling our markets which has created what we now know as Hostage Markets, and has made all other forms of market-manipulation obsolete and irrelevant.

This brings us to “the silver fix”, and another silly charade by the banking cabal, part of a pattern so obvious that it is maddening to see it not being identified by other commentators. What does the One Bank do every time that one of its mega-crimes becomes so obvious that (even with the help of corrupt regulators and a dishonest media) it can no longer pretend that the crime does not exist?

We get the Iceberg Strategy. One piece of one of the One Bank’s financial tentacles (the “Big Banks”), will “confess” to some very small crime – i.e. the tip of the Iceberg. Then the Corporate media and our pseudo-regulators will jump in as everyone pretends to “purge the corruption”, and then the One Bank’s remaining tentacles simply resume committing that same, serial crime.

The text-book example is the One Bank’s LIBOR-fraud: the fraudulent manipulation of a debt market more than $500 trillion in size. It is, to date, the largest of the One Bank’s mega-crimes which has been officially exposed. Then we got the Iceberg Strategy. Barclay’s Bank (a UK tentacle) confessed that it had “colluded to manipulate LIBOR”.

How absurd was that? Let’s start with the fact that (by definition) it requires at least two parties to “collude”. The so-called confession could not possibly be true, conclusive proof that we were only seeing the tip of the Iceberg. Even more absurd; as a practical matter it would have required all of the dozen Big Banks who “set” the LIBOR rate (or nearly all of them) to collude to rig this market.

What we are supposed to believe is that throughout all of the Western nations where this serial LIBOR-fraud is perpetrated that none of the “regulators” in any of these nations understand that “collusion” would require at least two Big Banks, and that none of them understand the markets they regulate well enough to know that LIBOR “collusion” (on a practical basis) would require the participation of most/all of those tentacles.

An Iceberg Strategy which was not even remotely plausible succeeded, and LIBOR-fraud continues. And now we see that precise pattern being duplicated with respect to silver (and gold) manipulation. The crime (precious metals manipulation) is now too large-and-obvious to deny any longer, so once again the Iceberg Strategy has been deployed.

This becomes extremely obvious once it is pointed out what “the silver fix” actually is, and what it actually does. Ironically, this is one of the very few serial, financial crimes where the One Bank has not endeavoured to cover-up that crime by inventing some meaningless euphemism to describe it (like “derivatives”). With the silver-fix; the Big Banks literally “fix” the price of silver, once per day – and thus the absurdity of this charade is revealed.

No matter the intent of the crooked Big Banks which were (and are) “fixing” the price of silver in this manner, and no matter how absurd/artificial the number they produce; it is nothing more than a psychological tether on this market. We know what the Big Banks “think” the price should be (i.e. the number toward which they are pushing/pulling the market), but once they “fix” the price at that one moment, then (according to the mythology) they do nothing else to manipulate the market the remainder of the day.

The reality (as already presented to readers) is that the One Bank has a Master Trading Program which “fixes” every market, every second, of every day. To say that “the silver fix” (and the banksters’ latest confession) is totally irrelevant is simply an exercise in understatement.

The Big Banks (and thus the One Bank) have now “confessed” to manipulating the silver market during one second of our 24-hour trading day, but they refuse to confess to their serial manipulation of this market (and the gold market) the other 86,399 seconds of the day. Thus, in this case, the “tip of the Iceberg” being presented to us is precisely 1/86,400th the size of the overall crime (or 0.0012%).

Arguably, this isn’t even the most-absurd aspect to the One Bank’s latest Iceberg Strategy. What cannot be forgotten (but apparently already has) are the denials by these Big Banks that they had ever manipulated the silver market or gold market – repeated day after day, month after month, year after year, as they “fixed” prices.

Naturally, the Poster Boy for this serial lying is Jeffrey Christian of the CPM Group (and formerly Goldman Sachs); the front-man for the One Bank during the last decade of these phony denials. It is Christian who is publicly on record as saying, again and again, that he “has never seen” the slightest indication of any “manipulation” of the silver market or the gold market – throughout his own, multi-decade “career” in these markets.

Forget about the fact that Christian himself described some of the manipulation of the gold market (inadvertently) in “The Great Gold Debate” with Bill Murphy of GATA, back in 2010. The bankers’ quasi-confession today regarding the silver fix (even though only 0.0012% of their overall crime) establishes Christian as a pathological liar – or simply an idiot who (supposedly) couldn’t understand what was going on in these markets.

One has to wonder whether this, in turn, will mark the end of Christian’s “career” in precious metals markets? This would be much like how Kitco finally sent Jon Nadler into “early retirement” when his own shtick had lost its capacity to confuse/deceive investors in these markets.

In the meantime (certainly in the minds of all the Sheep) another Iceberg Strategy from the One Bank is about to succeed. Corruption has now been “purged” in precious metals markets, ushering in a new era of pathological lying by the tentacles of the One Bank (and their front-men and front-women – right Blythe Masters?).

What will happen when any voice of Truth attempts to point out the serial and extreme price-manipulation of these markets, which (obviously) is still 99.9988% as bad as it ever was? We’ll get the pathological Liars retorting that this refers to “the old silver market” – back when the bankers were manipulating the market (but lying about it)…year after year after year.

Today, those same bankers tell us they are no longer manipulating this market (at all), and today they are all telling the truth. Why should we believe these compulsive liars/thieves this time? Because it’s “the New Normal”, and in the New Normal we always believe everything the bankers tell us – until they “confess” they were lying all along.


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