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Why Silver Will be the Greatest Investment of the Decade

Why Silver Will be the Greatest Investment of the Decade
By admin 4 years ago 1030 Views No comments

Silver is typically thought of as a secondary metal to gold. But is it? When talking about a form of money, then yes it is. It is the little sister to gold. Gold is the money of kings and silver is the money of the man on the street.

The uses of silver as a safe haven asset are well known to investors, but is the general public aware of the vast array of uses that silver has from an industrial standpoint? Silver affects just about every aspect of modern life. Unbeknownst to most people, silver is the linchpin of the technology, healthcare, medicine and solar industries.

This fact makes silver an incredibly unique investment. Not only is it a vital safe haven asset that has stood the test of time, but it also has incredible industrial demand as the infographic below displays.

(infographic source: SBC)

As we know, the demand for physical silver remains fierce in the face of endless QE by central banks around the world. Mints continue to report incredible demand. Added to the industrial demands listed in the infographic above, simply makes silver the investment of the decade.


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