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Will the Real Bart Chilton Please Stand Up?

By admin 5 years ago 938 Views 2 comments

Bart Chilton has stated that if the CFTC does not make an announcement by the end of September about the ongoing silver manipulation being committed by JP Morgan, then he would make his voice heard. Mr. Chilton has stated his frustration with the lack of progress in this investigation, and is on record making this fact known:

“For me, there’s not been a more frustrating nor disappointing non-policy-related matter at the CFTC.”

Well, the CFTC has made their announcement. JP Morgan is at no fault, despite the overwhelming evidence suggesting market manipulation. So where is Bart Chilton? Why is he not voicing his opinion on this matter? This is something that is raising the hairs on the back of many silver investors necks.

Long thought as of one of the “good” guys, Mr. Chilton has been praised by many prominent precious metals champions, including none other than the infamous whistle-blower Andrew Maguire who helped kick off this investigation.

Mr. Chilton’s lack of voice has caused a movement among the community. The News Doctors have sent an open letter and petition to Bart asking for him to resign and come forward as a whistle-blower. None other would be more privy to the facts of the investigation than Chilton. This would make him a champion in bringing forth the truth. So will he take this call and resign? Will he do what he knows is right and bring forth the truth? I highly doubt this. I strongly believe he has been compromised in some way. Hopefully I am wrong.

An ironic statement was made by Mr. Chilton in “Boom, Boom, Out Go the Lights“. In this brief statement, he said something that literally made me laugh out loud:

On September 30th, at the stroke of midnight, our country will face a government shutdown unless a continuing resolution to fund it is adopted. That would be grave news for consumers.

“Under a shutdown scenario, government regulators will be handcuffed in our ability to go after crooks who are trying to evade our oversight and protection of markets. You can bet the “do-badders” are licking their chops.”

Who needs the lights to go out? The crooks are doing the robbing in broad daylight! JP Morgan has been given the green light by none other than Mr. Chilton's employer, the CFTC.

So I ask this question now. Will the real Bart Chilton please stand up?


Will the Real Bart Chilton Please Stand Up? – The News Doctors 3 years ago at 9:14 PM
[...] Media Context Review / Sprott Money Blog [...]
Teresa 3 years ago at 9:14 PM
Mr Chilton,
There is an awesome song by Phil Collins called 'In The Air Tonight'. Do you cringe when you hear it?

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