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Sprott Money Ltd. Article Syndication Policy

Sprott Money Ltd. dedicates itself to keeping our clients up-to-date about everything happening in the world of precious metals. Sprott Money News focuses on news and information about precious metals, financial metals and the investment industry in general.

 As our partner, we are excited to offer you articles that can serve as additional resources to share with your audience.

 Here are the policies when reposting Sprott Money News content:

1. The partner will only share the Sprott Money News article on their own website. Posting of Sprott Money News content on any other channels other than the agreed site is not permitted.

2. “Sharing” the article is defined as:

  •  Re-publishing an exact copy of the article (including the article’s original link structure) wherein the original author of the article and the credit line "This article is originally posted at Sprottmoney.com with the link back to the original articleand/or to our homepage is incorporated below the title.


  •  Getting context from the article, revising or summarizing the original article wherein the credit line "This article is originally posted at sprottmoney.com" with the link back to the original article and/or to our homepage is incorporated below the title.


3. The author and original article must be properly attributed whenever it applies. The following tags can be used:

  •  "This article is originally posted at sprottmoney.com"
  • "This article first appeared at sprottmoney.com"
  • Please post the author’s full name at the top of the article.

 4. Once published, partner will share the link with Sprott Money via email to submissions@sprottmoney.com.

5.The partner can also provide links to their own articles that they wish to promote and sprottmoney.com will happily share it on our website if it’s relevant to our audience.


Please feel free to email submissions@sprottmoney.com to ask questions if you need further clarification. We're excited to share and promote your article and help expand your readership.


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