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Russian Gold Reserves Explode; The Long Term Plan to Dethrone King Dollar Continues - Nathan McDonald (22/02/2018)

By Nathan McDonald Yesterday 163 Views No comments

For almost a decade now, I have been highlighting an ongoing trend. A trend that first started as a rumble, but in recent years has turned into a deafening roar.

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Silver's Key Resistance - Craig Hemke (20/02/2018)

By Craig Hemke 3 days ago 11863 Views No comments

With the recognized top in the US dollar, it appears clear that renewed bull markets have begun across the commodity sector.

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The Fed’s “Catch 22” - Dave Kranzler (20/02/2018)

By Dave Kranzler 3 days ago 2799 Views No comments

The economic definition of “inflation” is the increase in money supply relative to the marginal increase of wealth output (GDP) in the economic system for which money supply is created. This is differentiated from “price inflation,” which is “a general rise in prices.”

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Irredeemable Currency De-tooths Savers - Keith Weiner (20/02/2018)

By Keith Weiner 3 days ago 2556 Views No comments

An irredeemable currency system traps dollars like cattle in a pen and disenfranchises savers: even if dollar holders get out by buying gold, the dollars remain.

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Is The Fed Back To “Quantitative Easing?” - Dave Kranzler (16/02/2018)

By Dave Kranzler 7 days ago 6561 Views No comments

The Fed added $11 billion to its SOMA account for the week ending yesterday. It purchased $11 billion in mortgage securities directly from banks.

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Why the Debt Ceiling Means Nothing, Yet Everything - Nathan McDonald (16/02/2018)

By Nathan McDonald 7 days ago 5553 Views No comments

Over the past month, we have heard a growing roar of dissent and fear as people within the United States and around the financial world worried about a rapidly approaching deadline.

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Why Even Pretend There’s A Debt Ceiling Limit? - Dave Kranzler (15/02/2018)

By Dave Kranzler 8 days ago 5553 Views No comments

The current “debt ceiling” has been suspended until March 2019. The current amount of Treasury debt outstanding is $20.681 trillion.

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Chris Martenson: Real Gold, Real Silver, Real Wealth - Rory Hall (14/02/2018)

By Rory Hall 9 days ago 6254 Views No comments

If you have a problem then you have a solution, otherwise you’re just fussing about the situation. Well, that may be true in most cases, but when we are discussing rigged markets and crony capitalism the solutions can sometimes be evasive.

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What Changed On September 8, 2017? - Craig Hemke (13/2/2018)

By Craig Hemke 10 days ago 11903 Views No comments

You may recall that September 8 was the day the bond market abruptly turned, taking with it the USDJPY and DXY. In the wee hours of September 8, the Dollar Index hit 91.01, the USDJPY hit 107.32 and, most importantly, the yield on the 10-year note hit 2.02%.

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Getting Around Blockchain Geo-Blocking with VPNs - Chris San Filippo (13/02/2018)

By Chris San Filippo 10 days ago 7351 Views No comments

Cryptocurrencies had a good run in 2017. The most prominent of these, Bitcoin, rose in value from $1,000 to $20,000 within that year, while some altcoins saw more rapid growth.

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