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With Elections Just Over the Horizon, Turkey Catapults Towards Crisis - Nathan McDonald (24/05/2018)

By Nathan McDonald Yesterday 501 Views 1 comment

Turkey finds itself stuck between a rock and a hard place as investors desperately try to remove their funds from the country before the bottom falls out of the market.

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Gold Awaits its FOMC Fuse - David Brady (24/05/2018)

By David Brady Yesterday 6511 Views No comments

Gold has rallied after five of the last six rate hikes, and given the decline from 1369 to 1281 in recent weeks ahead of the next meeting (with the risk of a slightly lower low yet to come), plus all the signals pointing north for Gold, this will once again likely be the catalyst for the next rally.

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What is Bit Gold? The Brainchild of Blockchain Pioneer Nick Szabo- Phillip Moskov (23/05/2018)

By Phillip Moskov 2 days ago 1314 Views No comments

Bit gold was inspired by inefficiencies of the traditional financial system and the use of precious metals as currency.

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Is It Time To Just Sell All Your Gold?- Avi Gilburt (23/05/2018)

By Avi Gilburt 2 days ago 379 Views No comments

Even when the GLD was hovering around the 125 region for several weeks, the apathy and indifference regarding gold within the overall market was quite palpable.

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Looking Forward to Gold's Next Rally- Craig Hemke (22/05/2018)

By Craig Hemke 3 days ago 9697 Views No comments

It appears that the price of COMEX gold is sliding ahead of this announcement... just as it has in the lead-up to each of the previous six Fed Funds rate hikes.

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Are You Still Fearful of Cryptos?- Ryan Wilday (22/05/2018)

By Ryan Wilday 3 days ago 306 Views No comments

The ‘crypto-curious’ took me out and wanted to know if it was time to kick their FOMO (fear of missing out) into full gear and start investing.

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The Great Oz - Jeff Thomas - 18/05/2018

By Jeff Thomas 7 days ago 1857 Views No comments

The conservative US media are touting the brilliant accomplishments of the conservative president, whilst the liberal media grouse that nothing he does is of value.

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Natural Gas Flashes Buy Signal with Cycles Confirming- Chris Vermeulen (18/05/2018)

By Chris Vermeulen 7 days ago 1664 Views No comments

Natural Gas will continue to climb higher moving well above the $3.00 level before the end of this month as well as potentially pushing well above the $3.20 level on continued price advances in energy.

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The Trend Away From the Dollar to Gold Continues, Turkey Significantly Increases Reserves - Nathan McDonald (17/05/2018)

By Nathan McDonald 8 days ago 994 Views 1 comment

The trend of accumulation continues onward, with no signs of slowing down despite a sluggish precious metals paper market that at this point is nothing more than a complete and utter farce.

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Flattening Yield Curve is Good - Axel Merk & Nick Reece (17/05/2018)

By Axel Merk & Nick Reece 8 days ago 259 Views No comments

In recent months, pundits have cautioned about a flattening yield curve, suggesting it may signal the end of the economic expansion, the end of the bull market, possibly even the end of the world as we know it.

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