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Sprott's Thoughts

Global Debt Grows & Central Banks Are Buyers - Tim Taschler

By Tim Taschler 3 days ago 1290 Views

The IMF reported last week that global debt hit a record $152 trillion. I’m old enough to remember when a million was a lot, and in the past two decades we have blown right through talking of millions and billions and are now throwing around trillions like it's nothing.

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Sprott & Royal Canadian Mint Precious Metals Forum Presentations

By Sprott Global 3 days ago 580 Views

On October 5, 2016, the Sprott and Royal Canadian Mint Precious Metals Forum took place in Ottawa, Canada. There, speakers like John Embry and Eric Sprott took the stage, giving their thoughts on the current status of precious metals in the economy. We are pleased to bring you their presentations.

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October Gold Update

By Sprott Global 7 days ago 787 Views

What a way to start October. Gold slipped mightily, easily falling through US$1,300 on Oct. 4th to bottom at US$1,269 per oz. before closing the day at US$1,283, down 2.3%. That took it back to pre-Brexit levels, erasing a move that had been consolidating for three months. The next day it lost another US$14.

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Gold Insights - Sprott's Thoughts

By Sprott's Thoughts 14 days ago 661 Views

There was a lot of central bank bearish activity Tuesday morning: two Fed governors were speaking hawkish on rates yesterday and today, there was a rumor of potential BoJ activity to weaken the Yen, and the ECB is now discussing tapering of their QE program. To make things worse we saw a very thin market without a lot of bids, most selling is into a vacuum hence the sharp volatility.

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As Central Bankers Spin - Tim Taschler

By Tim Taschler 16 days ago 770 Views

The latest ‘news’ from the FOMC and BOJ hit the street last week. The Fed, once again, did nothing but chose to sit on their hands while continuing to ‘talk’ up the economy and the need to raise rates.

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John Embry: The Fundamental Attraction of Gold

By Sprott Global 23 days ago 1158 Views

For investors who are both just beginning their foray into gold investment, and for those who have been long time proponents of gold, Sprott Senior Advisor John Embry breaks down the recent history of the U.S., highlighting the pressures that have brought fiat currency to the brink, U.S. debt liabilities to staggering heights, and gold back to the institutional investor’s crosshairs.

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Sprott Precious Metals Watch – September 2016

By Sprott's Thoughts 28 days ago 1234 Views

During the summer months, precious metals consolidated sharp gains of June and early July in a constructive sideways pattern. Between June 30 and September 13, spot gold was basically unchanged, declining 0.3% (from $1,322.20 to $1,319.01), while spot silver gained 0.8% (from $18.72 to $18.87). The U.S. dollar was similarly flat, with the DXY Index declining 0.5% (from 96.14 to 95.63). Given relative calm in precious-metal and U.S. dollar markets, it is interesting to note that 10-year Treasury yields jumped 18% over the same span (from 1.47% to 1.73%).

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Sprott Gold Commentary

By Sprott Asset Management Gold Team 1 month ago 884 Views

Overall in the past few weeks, there is a rising sentiment that the global central banks are not as aggressive as the market was hoping for and is starting to trade with a mini “taper tantrum”-like sentiment.

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FOMC Roulette - Tim Taschler

By Tim Taschler 1 month ago 826 Views

The world in which we operate, from a market perspective, has become so focused on the words of central bankers that nothing else really matters. Economic data, global politics, supply and demand, company fundamentals and technical chart patterns mean less and less as Fed-speak means more and more.

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The Evolving Gold Narrative: 2011 vs. 2016

By Sprott U.S. Media 1 month ago 1290 Views

Bill Gross just called out Janet Yellen as the penultimate market manipulator.

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