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Sprott's Thoughts

Rick Rule: Here’s How To Ask Sprott Global For Money

By admin Today 93 Views

“What would you like to talk about this time?” I asked my boss, after walking into his office.

“Well, I’d like to have a conversation for the issuers,” replied Rick Rule, Chairman of Sprott US Holdings, “in terms of what we look for, before giving a company our client’s money. What do you think?”

“I like it,” I said. And we chatted about it for a few more minutes. Later that day, I liked it even more for the following reason.

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Marc Faber: "As Global Economic Conditions Become Worse - Central Banks Will Print More Money"

By Tekoa Da Silva 12 days ago 211 Views

I had the chance once again to sit down with Marc Faber, publisher of the Gloom, Boom & Doom Report.

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Sprott Asset Management On Gold - Trey Reik

By admin 12 days ago 203 Views No comments

Few assets command more disparate investment motivations than gold. Most investors hold opinions of gold’s merits, usually with surprising conviction. Some view gold as an inflation hedge, others as a deflation hedge. During times of financial stress, some view gold as an asset to own, while others might view gold as an asset to short, because of gold’s historically inverse relation with the safe-harbor U.S. dollar. Many view gold as the ultimate “risk off” asset, and just as many view gold as the ultimate “risk on” trade.

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James Turk: "This Has Never Happened Before In History"

By Tekoa Da Silva 13 days ago 1022 Views No comments

Tekoa Da Silva had the chance to sit down recently with James Turk, Director of Gold Money Inc. It was a fascinating conversation of monetary history and gold, with the 45-year veteran of international banking & finance.

Speaking toward the consequences of rising interest rates, James noted that, “We’re at zero interest rates…

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Rick Rule: Market Chaos Creates Opportunities

By Tekoa Da Silva 18 days ago 725 Views No comments

With regards to precious metals and precious metals equities, I’m going to go out on a limb and say I think we’ve bottomed. I will probably be rewarded for that with another smack down.

But it appears to me like the precious metals markets in terms of both commodities and the equities markets that underlie them are in recovery.

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Rick Rule, Doug Casey: "Severe But Survivable" Reckoning Ahead For The U.S.

By Tekoa Da Silva 1 month ago 1428 Views No comments

Tekoa Da Silva of Sprott Global had the chance to sit down recently with Rick Rule, Chairman of Sprott US Holdings, and Doug Casey, Chairman of Casey Research. Read the interview here.

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Meet Rick Rule and Dr. Marc Faber At The New Orleans Investment Conference

By admin 2 months ago 1059 Views No comments

When he planned the speaker roster for the 2014 New Orleans Investment Conference, CEO Brien Lundin chose a gold-centric theme, featuring a guest appearance by Dr. Alan Greenspan.

For this month’s 2015 New Orleans Investment Conference, Brien instead chose individuals with a track record of success in natural resource investing.

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Teething Problems in New Mines - Steve Todoruk

By admin 2 months ago 1518 Views No comments

Yesterday the gold market witnessed the latest casualty of a new gold producer – Rubicon Minerals Corp. (RBY.US, RMX.CA) when they announced negative news in regards to their newly commissioned Phoenix Mine in eastern Canada.

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Can We Pick the Next Biggest Stock-Market Winners? – Chris Mayer, author, 100-Baggers

By admin 2 months ago 1020 Views No comments

How do you find the stocks that are most likely to return 100-1 gains?

That’s the question Chris Mayer wanted to answer.

After a year-long study of the biggest performers of the last 50 years, Chris believes he’s gathered a “template” of the main characteristics of top performers.

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“Why I’m Looking at Small Gold Miners. . .”: Steve Todoruk

By admin 2 months ago 942 Views No comments

Steve Todoruk, a broker at Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd., has been following the move higher in certain gold mining stocks. Henry Bonner asked Steve why some miners are recovering – but not others.

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