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Sprott's Thoughts

Gold and Silver Update

By Sprott US Media 7 days ago 1728 Views

Gold continues to consolidate. Two months of sideways price action is proving the yellow metal’s early-year gains were justified while setting the foundation for another move up.

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John Ciampaglia: Gold Insights

By Kiril Nikolaev 13 days ago 300 Views No comments

What’s happening with gold? Who’s benefiting and why? These are some of the important questions we explore below with the Executive Vice President and Head of ETFs at Sprott Asset Management, John Ciampaglia. Gold prices have seen a sharp rally in recent months. Find out what this means for your portfolio and the markets.

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The First Quarter in Review: Part I – Gold - Eric Angeli

By Eric Angeli 15 days ago 698 Views

With a quarter of 2016 already behind us, I’m pleased to report that there have been some signs of life in our beleaguered natural resource sector. The rally so far has been historic: gold spot prices are up 15% YTD and the HUI Gold Miner’s equity index up an impressive 70% over that same period.

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Gold Futures - #6 - An Educational Series - Trey Reik

By Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd. 2 months ago 1212 Views No comments

In a recent article which explores the current pricing environment for gold, Sprott Senior Portfolio Analyst Trey Reik discusses the impact of the U.S. dollar, the state of the current credit and business cycles, and the pricing activities of other commodities. He also examines gold’s positioning in the futures markets.

So here comes a crash course on futures markets, and the information we can pull from them.

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Optionality Investments: Your Questions For Rick Rule, Answered

By Tekoa Da Silva 2 months ago 1289 Views 1 comment

Tekoa Da Silva had the chance to sit down once again with Rick Rule, Chairman of Sprott US Holdings. It was an interesting conversation, as Rick noted natural resource markets are transitioning into a phase in which “optionality” is becoming a highly attractive speculative strategy.

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Mishka Vom Dorp: Seasonality of Precious Metals – Another Fake Out or Actual Breakout?

By Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd. 2 months ago 1062 Views No comments

The year has just begun and there has not been a dull moment. The frightening volatility of early January resulted in relentless selling and panicked calls for lower lows from commodity and market generalist analysts alike. But the value waves in precious metals prices seem to have already been forgotten. Instead, a new, perhaps unfamiliar, emotion has emerged: hope.

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Gold: Not Just Any Old Commodity - #5 - An Educational Series - Trey Reik

By Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd. 2 months ago 882 Views No comments

We’ve now seen how gold can behave in tandem, though certainly not in perfect correlation, with many currencies of the developed nations. But how is it behaving with other metals?

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The Buffett Index - #4 - An Educational Series - Trey Reik

By Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd. 2 months ago 758 Views

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an overall picture of the stock market? Following the stock market’s worst start to a year in history, there have been plenty of whispers threatening a market cooling, and many are wondering if this is a temporary pause in the overall market’s upward trend, or if a larger correction is in the offing. Investors look to a thousand different indicators, indexes and market shifts, hoping to divine an answer.

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Common Recessionary Warnings - An Educational Series #3 - Trey Reik

By Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd. 2 months ago 799 Views

No one person or statistic will ever be able to accurately guess the timing on an economic business cycle shift. Any single indicator paints only a small part of the picture, but taking a look at a collective set of indicators may presage a larger economic event.

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The U.S. Dollar is a Crowded Trade – Why this Matters for Gold - An Educational Series # 2 - Trey Reik

By Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd. 2 months ago 818 Views

In a recent report by Sprott Senior Portfolio Manager Trey Reik, he points out several reasons why gold remains not only an important portfolio diversification tool, but also an asset class ripe for a rebound.

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