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John Embry: Gold, Silver, A Collapsing Global Economy & Panic - King World News

By admin 5 years ago 2562 Views No comments

Article Excerpt:

Read the article here.

“Everything is now in place, and I think it’s all going to come to a boil this fall. I would add that I am wildly bullish on silver. I still believe it will take out the all-time high before the end of the year…Gold may be the rich man’s refuge, but silver will be the refuge for the rest of the world. So there will be an enormous gain in price as the money flows into the already tight silver market. My greatest fear is that the system could undergo a breakdown to the extent that supply chains could be interrupted. We’re so used to getting things immediately, on time, with unlimited selection that it would come as an enormous shock to society if that suddenly stopped.

That is my greatest fear, that things could become sufficiently crippled in the financial system that it could lead to breakdowns in the supply chains.”

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