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Our ‘Independent’ Central Banks - Jeff Neilson

By Jeff Nielson 3 years ago 4486 Views 2 comments

September 24, 2014

Any reader who follows the monetary/financial shenanigans of our corrupt governments (and the bankers who pull their strings) is familiar with a regular mantra in their serial propaganda. Monetary policy is “independent” of our governments.

By necessary implication; this means that the private central banks which have been given absolute authority over our monetary system(s) are also “independent” of our governments. Sadly, few people take the time to consider the additional implications which logically flow from this unilateral declaration by these (generally) privately-operated banks.

This propaganda echoes a basic principle of our “justice”(?) system: that our courts are “independent” from our governments. The intention in copying this mantra from our legal system is to create the illusion that these (private) central banks are supposedly above (political) influence/corruption.

The huge difference here, however, is that our courts are public entities – not privately owned-and-operated like our central banks. This distinction becomes even more-massive and significant once we understand what is meant when some entity (whether a public court or a private central bank) declares that it is “independent” of our government.

We all operate within the same (political) jurisdiction: government, our courts, the central bank, and the people of our nation(s). Thus when any entity within that system declares itself “independent” of the other entities within that same jurisdiction, then (as a matter of elementary logic) it means that all other entities – including the government itself – are “dependent” (i.e. subservient) with respect to the “independent” entity.

We see this principle of logic illustrated very clearly with our courts. In any legal show-down; it is our “independent” Supreme Court which tells the government what to do (along with all the citizens in our societies), and not the other way around. We see this same model illustrated with our (private) central banks.

What happened when the U.S. government asked the Federal Reserve to submit to a public audit, so that the American people (and their government) could see how their own monetary system was being managed? The Fed refused. The basis for its refusal? That it was “independent of” (i.e. superior to) the government – and thus above the law.

In the case of our courts declaring themselves “independent”, we understand this. The courts are the arbiters of law, and in order to be able to fully/properly fulfill their function, they must be “independent” of (i.e. above) the legal system which they administer.

In the case of these (private) central banks, however, there is no rational pretext at all for allowing them to be above the law. The supposed pretext is that making them “independent of” (superior to) our governments means their decision-making will be beyond “political influence”. However this reason falls apart because it is the politicians who (supposedly) select the bankers who will run these private banks.

These (private) central banks were granted the most-lucrative privilege which exists in our entire economies: total control over the government’s printing press (i.e. the people’s printing press). Obviously the most-minimal indication of respect for the government which granted them that privilege is to submit to the authority of that government (and the people it represents).

Our ultra-arrogant, private central bankers display not the slightest indications of respect or appreciation for being given this Ultimate Privilege. Indeed, quite the opposite.

What do we see today? We see these private central bankers ‘printing’ our currencies at an utterly reckless and unprecedented rate, and then giving all these endless $trillions of public money to a handful of private Big Banks – for free.


It is “robbery” on a scale a million times larger than any other crimes in history (except for the other crimes of these same Big Banks). It’s not “legal”. But it doesn’t have to be – because our “independent” central banks are above the law.

The ultimate example of this arrogance, and disdain for the public authorities which they (supposedly) represent is the King of Central Banks, what the central bankers themselves call “the central bank of central banks”: the Bank for International Settlements.

Located within Switzerland (the notorious international haven for illegitimate financial transactions); the premises of this bank are its own sovereign soil, no different from the Vatican, in Italy. No official of the Swiss government (let alone any citizen) is allowed to set foot within these premises, without explicit, written permission from one of two senior officials of the BIS itself.

The BIS was created nearly a century ago for one particular purpose: to “launder” unimaginably large quantities of money so that Western industrialists (and their bankers) could continue to sell armaments to the Third Reich after the Second World War began. What is the only thing which could be more lucrative than being the arms supplier for one side in a “world war”? Selling armaments to both sides.

One of the most-notorious traitors who was (eventually) caught as part of this massive/systemic money-laundering operation run by the BIS was Prescott Bush: father of (former) U.S. president George Bush, and grandfather of (former) U.S. president George Bush Jr. We can see how low the U.S. has sunk as a supposed “free democracy” simply by considering one question.

What is the possibility in the original U.S. democracy that the son and grandson of Benedict Arnold would both have been elected as presidents? And the switching-of-sides by Arnold pales into insignificance when compared with Prescott Bush’s crime of selling massive quantities of armaments to Adolph Hitler (over a period of many years).

In the modern U.S. “democracy” however; it was of such little importance to the Corporate media (i.e. the supposed “free press”) that George Bush and George Bush Jr. were the son and grandson (respectively) of a notorious, convicted World War II traitor that it was never, ever mentioned. Clearly in the eyes of these media mega-corporations it is only fitting that our Traitor Governments be run by traitors (and their offspring).


Today, the BIS orchestrates global money-laundering, on a scale at least equal to its money-laundering activities during the Second World War. It is the “bank” which coordinates all the financial needs not only for all the world’s illegal-drug cartels, but also any/all (supposed) “terrorist” entities. Along with “subsidiaries” like JPMorgan, Goldman Sachs, and the rest of the Wall Street Gang; they launder all the dirty money for these entities by the $trillions.

We know this, because these Big Banks have been caught, red-handed, laundering these $trillions. As with the Federal Reserve, however; the U.S. government has pronounced these other “too-big-to-fail” private banks as also being above the law. Or, in other words, now “too-big-to-fail = too big to jail”.

Simply, we live in two-tier societies, where the Rule of Law no longer applies. In the top tier; we see the bankers, along with a handful of other oligarchs who own/operate our largest corporations. For this privileged class; our laws only apply when these bankers/oligarchs are able to use the laws to their own advantage. However, any-and-every time one of our laws would operate against the interests of a member of the Privileged Class then those laws are no longer applied.

Heads I win; tails you lose.

After numerous mega-crimes of this banking cabal have been publicly exposed; we now know that the monetary systems of all major Western regimes are under the sole control of the most-rapacious, financial crime syndicate which has ever existed in the history of our species, previously dubbed “the One Bank”.

As illustrated by the detailed mathematical modeling by (ironically) a trio of Swiss academics; all of the world’s major financial institutions (most notably the Big Banks of Wall Street and London) are controlled by a single cabal – the Old World Order. Not only are our Traitor Governments aware of this crime syndicate, but they serve it slavishly as its junior accomplices in crime.

Thus the next time you hear some public official or central banker yammering about how central banks (and now all Big Banks/bankers) are “independent”, understand what they mean. These banksters are our Overlords, totally above any/all laws. We are their serfs; totally beneath those same laws – as these banks (and our own governments) plunder our entire societies.

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