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Russia and China Take Special Interest in Greece - Nathan McDonald

Russia and China Take Special Interest in Greece - Nathan McDonald
By Nathan McDonald 3 years ago 1751 Views No comments

Investors continued to flee into treasuries heading into the weekend as fears of a Greek default loomed over the markets. The EU stands at a pivotal point in history as this delicate matter will have massive repercussions for years to come.

Greece and its lenders have yet to come to an agreement. Some have wondered why Greece is not simply bowing down and agreeing to whatever the IMF and EU have to offer them. Increasingly, Greece doesn't look like a country that is bankrupt and about to fall over a cliff's edge. Perhaps that's because there is more to this story than meets the eye.

As previously discussed, Russia is one such country that has taken a keen interest in Greece throughout this unfolding crisis. There are multiple reasons for this, but predominantly it has to do with the Gazprom pipeline that Russia intends to run through Greece.

On top of this, the West has been no friend to Russia in recent years, given the economic sanctions and shadow wars being fought behind the scenes, also known as currency wars.

Gaining a partnership with Greece would give Russia a voice to the West and would throw a serious wrench in the EU's vision of a united Europe, a vision that is quickly slipping away.

On top of acquiring Russia as a new friend, which has been much discussed in the mainstream media, a less known ally has been growing behind the scenes, China.

The Chinese have also taken a special interest in Greece, purchasing assets and stakes in key ports throughout Greece, they clearly also have a special interest in seeing this country remain stable.

This is not surprising given the growing alliance between Russia and China, who clearly have a long term plan of displacing the West as the global power and instilling their own reserve currency, given the incredible amount of gold they have accumulated and continue to do so.

Still, despite these alliances and special interest that Greece is gaining, they are in for some rocky times ahead, but perhaps they are not as helpless as they are being portrayed. Perhaps they still have a few tricks up their sleeves. For their sakes, let's hope so.


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