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Russia and China: Victory-by-default - Jeff Nielson

Russia and China: Victory-by-default - Jeff Nielson
By Jeff Nielson 3 years ago 19616 Views 26 comments

Jeff Nielson is co-founder and managing partner of Bullion Bulls Canada; a website which provides precious metals commentary, economic analysis, and mining information to readers/investors. Jeff originally came to the precious metals sector as an investor around the middle of last decade, but soon decided this was where he wanted to make the focus of his career. His website is www.bullionbullscanada.com.

November 4, 2015

History tells us that empires are rarely defeated, by any external rival. Once any global power reaches such a stature of might and influence as to be considered an “empire”, it generally has sufficient military might and economic resources as to be virtually invulnerable to outside conquest/destruction.

Exceptions to this principle exist, but mostly in our distant past. When technologically superior Western empires collided with indigenous empires of the New World, the vast superiority of their military technology allowed European powers to directly conquer the “empires” of the Americas (as well as Africa).

Outside of such exceptions, a more general rule is observed: empires destroy themselves, internally. The precise evolution of such destruction varies, from empire to empire. However, the causes of such implosions are always the same: corruption or arrogance, and generally a large mixture of both.

It is with this context in mind that we can view the current geopolitical stage. We see, once again, two “sides” emerging. Adding to the déjà vu, once again this bipolar reality is being characterized as “a Cold War”. However, there are key differences between this Cold War, and the period of the latter half of the 20 th century which originally acquired that name.

It is through looking back historically that we gain important insights from the original Cold War. It is when we examine these revelations that we see that only one side has learned the lessons of the first Cold War.

Cold War I was clearly a contest of two empires. In the West; we had the American Empire. In the East; we had the Russian Empire, known then as the Soviet Union. The Russian Empire had official control of several “satellite states” in Eastern Europe. The American Empire had unofficial control of several satellite states in Western Europe.

Who “won” this non-war? How did it end? The American Empire is credited (obviously) as the victor of that geopolitical contest. Where the “history books” particularly those written in the U.S., become vague and nebulous is in describing how the U.S. emerged as the winner.

It won by default. There were no overt actions or strategies, at all, which led to the victory of the American Empire in Cold War I. It “won” by default, because it was the only empire to survive. The Russian Empire/Soviet Union imploded, internally.

The closest we can come to any American initiative which led to this outcome was the absurd “arms race” instigated by the Reagan regime. Having the firepower to wipe-out all life on the planet ‘only’ ten times over was not considered sufficient. The psychopathic Neo-Cons who pulled the strings of the U.S.’s senile president insisted that the U.S. needed to be able to wipe-out all life on the planet by a factor of at least twenty.

The Soviet Union attempted to follow the lead of these American psychopaths, and match the U.S. bomb-for-bomb, and in doing so it self-destructed. At that time; it must also be noted that the American Empire had a much healthier, more robust economy, along with (relatively) strict adherence to the Rule of Law.

In contrast, the fascist (not “communist”) Soviet Union had an extremely centralized economy, where corruption was rampant. As a result of this structural economic inferiority, the Soviet Union was economically incapable of sustaining the reckless arms race initiated by the U.S. However, adding arrogance to corruption; the Soviet Union refused to admit to itself that it was incapable of matching the U.S.

The result was a simple, but catastrophic, economic implosion. Symbolically, the “Berlin Wall” was torn down, as the Iron Curtain crumbled. In a few, short years, the Soviet Union simply ceased to exist. It’s “empire” fragmented (as all former empires do) into its component parts. Only Mother Russia remained intact.

When we flash ahead a generation, to Cold War II, we see a very, very different world. The most obvious difference is that Cold War II is a one-empire paradigm. On the left/in the West; the American Empire remains. On the right/in the East, however, we have not an “empire” but rather a bloc: Russia and China.

A generation later; Russia has come a long way in rebuilding itself economically, from the “rubble” of Cold War I. Meanwhile, the world has seen the re-emergence of China. It is now universally accepted that China’s economy will soon become the world’s largest economy. China’s currency is replacing the debauched/disgraced U.S. dollar as the world’s “reserve currency” – or at least the closest thing to it.

While the American Empire still exists and has extended its imperialistic reach, it is a very different empire from the days of the Reaganites. Most obviously, the Rule of Law is dead. Saturation corruption permeates this now rancid empire.

Financial criminals (primarily based in the U.S.) commit crimes literally a thousand times larger than anything previously seen in our history, and then repeat these crimes again and again. The U.S. ‘Justice’ Department spends its time not in prosecuting and incarcerating these criminals (and criminalized “banks”). Rather, it expends its energies explaining why it refuses to prosecute these criminals.

The primary “prey” of this banking crime syndicate is now the American people and the U.S. economy , itself. The United States has not merely become insolvent, it is obviously bankrupt. The Oligarchs who control its puppet government literally shipped the U.S. manufacturing base to the low-wage regimes of Asia, which ironically included China. As a result, the once-envied U.S. Middle Class has been transformed into the Working Poor .

In most respects (outside of economic parameters), the American Empire would be judged to be “stronger than ever”. Clearly this is true militarily. Despite having no real “enemies” since the defeat-by-default of the Soviet Union; U.S. Neo-Cons have been busy as beavers inventing Boogeymen (and then destroying them) in order to justify the continued, relentless expansion of its war machine.

Politically; successively more-fascist regimes have rendered the U.S. Constitution essentially obsolete. Legally illegitimate (i.e. null-and-void), fascist laws have been wallpapered over the Constitution, stripping the American people of their rights and liberties.

In legitimate democracies; Constitutions are the ultimate Law of the Land, which serve primarily to protect the People from the State. In fascist regimes; invariably illegitimate governments create endless laws designed to protect the State from the People. The American Empire used to represent the former paradigm. Now it epitomizes the latter .

At one time; the closer that one moved toward the “heart” of the American Empire, the more strict was adherence to the Rule of Law. Today, the closer one approaches to the political cesspool known as “Washington, D.C.”, or the financial cesspool known as “Wall Street”, the more-overpowering becomes the stench of corruption – and lawlessness.

In a perverse twist of fate; the American Empire now mirrors the Soviet Union, in almost every respect. In the Soviet Union; voters were given the choice of two candidates, in what it called “elections”. However both of those candidates represented the Communist Party.

In the American Empire; voters are also given the choice of two candidates, they simply pretend to represent two, different parties. Incredibly, this political charade has managed to persist for at least a century.

“There is no material difference now in the old political parties, except which shall control the patronage.”

- (former Congressman/prosecutor) Charles Lindbergh Sr., The Economic Pinch (p.61), 1923

Perhaps more significantly, the American Empire now bears considerable resemblance to the Roman Empire, as well. Historians are in agreement that at the time the Roman Empire was at the absolute peak of its military might that “the decline of the Roman Empire” had already been underway for centuries.

Where the ancient Roman Empire differs from the modern American Empire is that in the 21 st century, events – including the rise-and-fall of empires – progress much, much more rapidly. Roughly speaking, what used to stretch over centuries now takes place in decades. Instant communication, rapid global transportation, computerization, and numerous, other technological advances are responsible for this accelerated pace of political/economic/social evolution.

Morally and economically bankrupt; the American Empire now relies more and more heavily on its Big Stick, which it wields with ever more impunity and recklessness. Statesmen such as Ron Paul and Paul Craig Roberts have regularly warned that the current generation of Neo-Cons (who wield all, real power in the U.S. government) are marching relentlessly toward World War III.

However, while we see Psychopaths on the left/West, we see an entirely opposite political dynamic in the East. The strengthening alliance between China and Russia, represents two, large, global powers which (at least at this point in time) demonstrate no imperial aspirations. But this is only one significant way in which the East differs from the West.

In an essay titled Grandmaster Putin’s Trap , Russian writer Dmitry Kalinichenko provides us with an insightful allegory . Cold War II is not a militarily-oriented confrontation, rather it is a geopolitical chess match. The important point here is that only one “side” understands how to play (and win) a chess match.

How does a skilled chess-player achieve victory? Positioning, positioning, and more positioning. It is only once one’s opponent has been completely out-positioned that any thought is given to overt attack. Chess is a game of patience, and (often) a game of simply waiting for one’s opponent to self-destruct, via strategic error, or mere impatience.

This brings us back to the current geopolitical stage. In the East; we see Russia and China constantly engaged in improving their position. Unlike the American Empire; they are improving their economies – not cannibalizing them. They are relentlessly adding to their gold reserves (“He who has the gold makes the rules” – The Golden Rule), while the American Empire has squandered most of its own reserves .

While the U.S., and the West, in general, unremittingly alienates the Rest of the World, Russia and China have been rapidly improving their political and economic cooperation with other nations. While the political/economic institutions created or sponsored by the American Empire lose their legitimacy due to corruption, Russia and China are creating parallel, corruption-free institutions – to replace them.

If this was a real chess match, the player on the left would have already ‘pushed over his King’ (i.e. capitulated). The player on the right now has such superior position that the outcome of the game is no longer in doubt. However, this is not a game, but rather real life – where one side has utterly no respect for anything resembling “rules”.

Russia and China are clearly headed for victory-by-default in Cold War II. The psychopaths of the American Empire have demonstrated that they are ready-and-willing to do literally anything to prevent this seemingly inevitable outcome. For this reason; the warnings of people such as Ron Paul and Paul Craig Roberts should be given our most serious consideration.

William Clark 3 years ago at 5:07 AM
Very interesting piece and one with which I whole heartedly agree with! I recently read a book called 'Prisoners of Geography' by Tim Marshall (@itwitius) which was an amazing read. You both seem to have an understanding of what is evidently current but overwhelmingly past as well. China & Russia seem to be running rings round everyone which makes me wonder exactly what the "west" will do and say to stop or WIN Cold War II. #fascinatinglydangerous
Jeff Nielson 3 years ago at 12:28 PM
Thanks for the support, William!

As I noted in the piece; we're dealing with Psychopaths (in the West). By definition; these are ego-maniacs who inevitably over-reach with their schemes -- and thus inevitably manipulate THEMSELVES into a corner.

By my own analysis; this crime syndicate has now virtually used-up all of its economic and political levers of power, except one...World War III. Certainly this is what Paul Craig Roberts and Ron Paul are also seeing when they view the crazy Neo-Cons in charge of U.S. "foreign policy" (i.e. serial aggression).
northwind 3 years ago at 10:06 PM
I fear the west will take the child's way out, if i can't win nobody can and destroy everything.
Mike Callahan 3 years ago at 8:26 PM
I'm afraid that is correct. Even if most of the world and the people in that world are destroyed. It's not only childish, but more notably, insane.
Miggy 3 years ago at 6:01 PM
No doubt, The Sampson Option has been decusssed amongst the Psychopathic NeoCons / Zionist in the West. It's very elementary, The Criminal Fraud UNITED STATES, CORP. INC. / CIA / IMF / BIS / World Bank Vs. AIIB & BRICS.
mark 3 years ago at 6:17 PM
good point Bill
Aheinousanus 3 years ago at 10:02 PM
Great piece but I do have to disagree with the ending paragraph. Both Russia and China have their share of corruption.
The real big difference is that neither is so arrogant that they ignore even the pretence of caring about international law and work opinion.
The other difference is that they have very strong leaders heading their government. These are also men of intellect.
Jeff Nielson 3 years ago at 5:26 PM
Aheinousanus, please take another look.

At no point in this piece do I say (or even imply) that there is "no corruption" in Russia/China. Rather, all I do is point to the obvious fact that Western corruption is WORSE (by an order of magnitude) than anything seen in any other, major nation.

China eliminated poverty in its nation over the past decade. Russia's economy is MUCH stronger/healthier than it was after the end of Cold War I. Only the West has gone STRAIGHT DOWN, all those years.

There is "corruption" in the world. And then there is **CORRUPTION** -- i.e. the West.

I would wholeheartedly agree with the remainder of your comment, and suggest it emphasizes my point
Country Codger 3 years ago at 1:19 PM
Hello Jeff,
An excellent article. Russia and China are playing Chess or Go and the U.S. is playing hopscotch, not even checkers. I honestly believe that our government's fear of the American citizen is so great that this will hasten the fall of America, not military intervention on the part of any country. Invasion is not impossible but unnecessary at this point. Keep up the great work.
Jeff Nielson 3 years ago at 5:28 PM
Yes Country Codger.

Our governments -- and their Masters -- are so extremely malevolent that they impute that same mentality to their own populations. Hence their extreme paranoia. ;)
chip griffin 3 years ago at 7:54 PM
fear the people? i think not, they have 1.4 billion rounds for that, hallow point to boot! they fear china if the are smart. china and Russia come to america for this last fight. new York don't make it, San Fran. wont either but by a different cause...
Nix 3 years ago at 3:09 PM
Well a precise view from your layer of the onion, i would say:"so true". If we dive down some layers the picture changes dramatically. I am hinting to the layer where we see the "Globalists" ruling and using these so called neocons/psychopaths/criminal as their puppets on both sides. It is just all theatre to just create the view you just gave us. The endgame will be a devastated West and the game continues from the new stage... The East
Jeff Nielson 3 years ago at 5:31 PM
Nix, I spent several months agonizing over where the ENTIRE geopolitical stage was just one, large puppet-theater. But this was precisely the point of pointing toward this allegory.

The banksters are Psychopaths. Their PETS in the West also reflect the same mentality -- pure and precisely -- because they are following their Master's orders.

But how can the banksters be pulling Russia's and China's strings (governments who ACT like chess-players), when Psychopaths can't play chess? They can't "instruct" Russia and China to act in a manner which they literally cannot even comprehend.
Nix 3 years ago at 7:50 PM
Well Jeff, it took me a very long time to come to that conclusion, good helped by some "conspiracy theorists" :) An analyses of the strong friendship between e.g. Putin and Henry Kissinger (director of "the Special Studies Project" 1956) is according me just another little pointer. But of course there are actually a lot of such "subtile" indicators, which make one wonder if what we see is wysiwyg. What I mean is that is seems to me that Putin also is one of the puppets. Who dies in this theatre is of no importance for the cabal, they have until now probably killed of a billion humans. This concludes that the Psychopaths probably recognize that they can not loot that much more, so now or the next year is the time for the crash and then Wash Rinse Repeat. But USA (and the West) will then be sucked out and a 3rd world country, therefor the move to the East.
But od course that is the view from my layer of the onion.
Jeff Nielson 3 years ago at 10:05 AM
Nix, I'm in total agreement with part of your remark. Our "leaders" (and I'll include Putin) don't show a lot of concern with the well-being of their own people. But note that Russia used to be WORSE than the West in this regard, and now it is (arguably) not as bad. And China has ELIMINATED POVERTY in its own nation...


...So I'll still fall back on my behavioral argument: psychopaths on one side (including the Puppet Masters themselves), chess-players on the other side. But psychopaths can't play chess. So how can the banksters be "pulling the strings" of the East when they are incapable of thinking in the manner clearly displayed by the East?
Jeff Nielson 3 years ago at 10:07 AM
P.S. We also can't forget all the gold-buying which Russia has done on the open market (i.e. out of the banksters' warehouses). There is no way to rationalize such actions as being "part of the plot" when buying gold is one of the greatest Achilles' Heel of this crime syndicate.
Nix 3 years ago at 3:09 PM
Jeff, you are right that the East was first worse than the West.
It is not only China that "eliminated" poverty. Under Putin poverty went down from 55% to 12% (a little higher now after the 2014 crash). So what I see is they created the BRICS which is now better than the West and which stand up against this “evil“ and useless West (Putin in Syria) and who will be the saviers of the world. The Gold is also good for them, even if it is not yet mentioned in the MSM that Russia and China are hoarding it, but after the crash they will cover that part fully and showing how smart they are and how stupid we are. The public will then get to know that the USA/West is bankrupt and the BRICS were the clever honest guys we can trust, so we accept the solution they probably will propose (SDR…World money in combination with digital money?) We just flip over to the “New” good guys.
For the Cabal it is the same, they control both sides anyhow as they did in the previous WW I and II (win whoever wins). They get what they have been working for in decades, the NWO with full control over the money printing on earth. (Remember what Rothschild said). Onions are funny :)
KINZUA 3 years ago at 3:41 PM
The American empire is running the American homeland like a slum landlord trying to staff off its decline. The American middleclass, infrastructure, education etc. are paying the price. Empires are vampires that eventually drink the blood of their own.
hans björkström 3 years ago at 4:16 PM
USA does play this chessgame out of Control! Starting one expensive ( and deadly 10.000 US-servicemen fallen? ) war after the other and not ending even one with a postitive change! Libya is now a total disaster for example! And Russia takes responsibility for Syria and they make it with intelligent Power, will succed too!
Jeff Nielson 3 years ago at 11:54 AM
Yes Hans.

And what I didn't add in this commentary (because I simply ran out of space) is that increasing the use of military force is one of the surest signs of a dying empire.

Healthy/strong empires rule either through perceived legitimacy, or via mere coercion. They don't NEED to use their war machine. It's only weak/dying empires which feel the need to use military force as the first (rather than last) policy option.
hans björkström 3 years ago at 5:42 PM
Yes Jeff, I find You are totaly right there! The Roman Empire did use more and more military power to the end. Putin is aware of history I beleave and he does follow the int. rules! USA do never follow any rules or laws as it seems ( Irak, Libya, Kiev? what did really happen there 2014 and so on ).
My wife is born in former USSR and she does know all about the nazis in Belarus and Latvija during WW2. Kiev is practicly ruled by nazis today
nazis has own batallions in the army! What USA does in Ukraine is not very wise!
bob 3 years ago at 6:31 PM
America has been so craftily handed over to the hands of its most ardent enemies. Who won world war two? See operation paperclip, the usurpation of our government and the bush ties to fascist Germany for that answer. Who won the cold war? That too was won by our enemies-note the "false fall" of the soviet empire for the purpose of making it a (temporary) non entity on the world stage as our politics, universities and government agencies ramped up a totalitarian, statist, big government machine designed to devour personal wealth and liberties. And the soviet plan of destroying the US from within is nearly reached its denouement. What boggles the mind is that people are so numb and oblivious and unconcerned about the whole affair.
chip griffin 3 years ago at 9:17 PM
we lost when the family died,long beyond anything else that mattered the most and no one said a word. the women all left their families...
Bevin Chu 3 years ago at 11:28 PM
Brilliant analysis.
I suppose one could say it was "merely common sense".
Except for the fact that "common sense" in the 21st century West is uncommon indeed.
Ben J. Verdina 3 years ago at 11:03 PM
Jeff, I love your stuff....but take a bit of exception with this one....only a small bit.

The plan of the NWO was to implode the then 2 remaining Superpowers to make way for their one world government. The economy of the USSR was centered around to primary products: Crude oil and military armament. They artificially ran down the price of crude while increasing spending and international trading in military armament and broke the back of the USSR. They are doing the same thing with the USA via GATTII, NAFTA, CAFTA, et al and literally transferred virtually all manufacturing to the East. Further, I submit that by and large (no, not exclusively) the gold transfers from the West to the East have been from Cabal Bullion Banks in the West to Cabal Bullion Banks in the East.

This whole program is part of the plan....and is being orchestrated accordingly.

Make no mistake about it, the USA has become immoral, and God has withdrawn His protection over the US.

Lastly, I would add that the NWO Cabal are Luciferian, and take their orders from Satan, himself.

What we have here is the final battle between Good and Evil.
Dan 3 years ago at 3:47 AM
A distributed clean energy smart grid would be a game changer. The whole global economy will change when renewable energy replace coal, oil, and otherwise resource dependent energy sources. Our world's power structure depends on control over the supply chain to keep everything running. Solar, wind, batteries, electric cars are all experiencing promising growth. More advances in energy technology will continue to move the "modes of production" of energy and other essential productive capacity into the hands of common people.

To avoid this implosion and thrashing deaththrows that the neo-cons are capable of, people need to use technology to build distributed infrastructure and local economies. We can build a world all of humanity is proud to share. Habitat restoration should rally us together and space programs can inspire us again. I'd like to see asteroid mining and a moonbase in my life...

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