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The Two Tracks of Debt Slavery - Jeff Nielson

The Two Tracks of Debt Slavery - Jeff Nielson
By Jeff Nielson 3 years ago 2534 Views 2 comments

March 18, 2015

As has been noted in recent commentaries; the current Debtor’s Tango taking place between Greece and the lackey governments of the EU is the most surreal of political theater. In one corner; we have the new honest/legitimate government of Greece, which is seeking to negotiate a reduction in its absolutely unsustainable debt-load. In seeking this conservative and responsible approach to its fiscal management; we have the propagandists of the Corporate media relentlessly labeling it a “radical, left-wing government.”

In the other corner; we have the corrupt regimes of the EU, all lackeys of the crime syndicate readers know as “the One Bank”. They seek to simply pile more debt onto on an obviously bankrupt economy. Yet both the Vampires themselves and the corrupt liars of the Corporate media have the perverse audacity to call this economic sadism a “bail-out”. The Vampires and media-liars feign complete astonishment at why Greece’s “radical” government won’t accept this “aid”.

However, the lies and perversity currently taking place in Europe do more than highlight the irredeemable corruption of the EU. These dynamics also implicitly illustrate the complete dichotomy between the One Bank’s “two tracks” of Debt Slavery. Why has the fiscal situation with Europe’s insolvent debtor-nations degenerated into this theater-of-the-bizarre? Because in order to enslave nations in debt; the crime syndicate needs to create and then maintain a crushing, mountain of debt.

It is because of the narrow parameters of this dynamic that the One Bank has maneuvered itself into not only a “no-win” scenario, but a no-win scenario where some form of serious setback is extremely imminent. But before elaborating on the specifics here, it’s more illuminating to first contrast this with the second track of its debt-slavery strategy: where it seeks to enslave all of us in debt as individuals.

Here the “rules” by which these banksters play are totally different, because the game itself is dramatically different. The best way to elaborate on the One Bank’s personalized form of Debt Slavery is through quoting the banksters, via The Bankers’ Manifesto of 1892.

…The courts must be called to our aid, debts must be collected, bonds and mortgages foreclosed as rapidly as possible.

When through the process of law the common people have lost their homes they will be more tractable and easily governed through the influence of the strong arm of government applied to a central power of imperial wealth under the control of the leading financiers. People without homes will not quarrel with their leaders.

Here the thievery of this crime syndicate is beyond rapacious; it’s nothing less than Scorched

Earth. Clearly this Old World Order wants to financially destroy us, and turn us all into penniless, homeless serfs. And they are well on their way to succeeding, particularly with respect to the absurd/obscene debt-levels among the North American population.

It is at this point where we need to observe that this “strategy”, even if achievable, cannot possibly be sustainable. Yes, it is possible for some tyrannical Overlord(s) to create some totalitarian police state, ruling over entire populations of penniless serfs – in some 12th century, feudalistic, agrarian society. What is not remotely feasible (and thus not remotely sane) is to attempt to operate such a feudal society in the context of a high-tech, industrialized, 21st century economy.

Mere industrialization itself (i.e. the crude version of the 19th and early 20th century) requires populations who are economically above the level of mere serfs. We see absolute, empirical proof of this as we watch the development of the so-called Emerging Market nations, via the One Bank’s so-called “globalization”.

What have we seen as, one by one, these Oligarchs bring their “industrialization” to these less-developed nations, via their corporate monopolies and oligopolies? As soon as the industrialization acquires any sort of critical mass; we see the economic status of those workers evolve steadily toward some modest, Middle Class existence.

At that point; these Corporate pirates then pick out some new “emerging market” (i.e. pre-Middle Class) where they can economically exploit that population. But these nations engage almost exclusively in low-tech manufacturing: primarily consumer goods, along with other industrialized products requiring a lower level of precision/sophistication.

Nearly all of the “high-tech” manufacturing is still concentrated in the (devolving) Middle Class societies of the West. The exception to this is that as a solid Middle Class has begun to emerge in nations like China and India (along with the more advanced education which comes with Middle Class status); we see these economies begin to acquire the sophistication necessary to engage in high-tech manufacturing – even as the West devolves to the point where it will no longer be able to sustain such manufacturing.

The psychopaths of the One Bank can’t have both the totalitarian, 12th century, feudal societies over which they desire to rule, combined with the 21st century war-machines, 21st century Big Brother surveillance, and all the other technological amenities of 21st century economies. The two paradigms are not remotely compatible, and the moment you lean toward one paradigm, you must immediately lean away from the other.

As we saw with the reversal of the One Bank’s Indian gold embargo, as we saw with the One Bank’s reversal on its crusade to have Russia driven out of the “SWIFT” banking network, and as we see here; the psychopaths have no End Game. Their “bankers’ manifesto” from the end of the 19th century was barely achievable – in the quasi-industrialized societies of the West, in 1892. It’s not even a minimally coherent strategy to be pursuing 123 years later, in 2015.

The tunnel-vision of these malevolent predators is so obsessively focused on executing “the Plan” that they have totally lost sight of the fact that it has not been even a remotely feasible long-term strategy for well over half a century. This leads us directly back to the short-sighted, no-win, stupidity in Europe, for which these banksters are 100% responsible.

As previously noted; the One Bank’s “strategy” with its national Debt Slaves is to enslave, but not destroy. This fundamental difference in its approach (to rape) is based upon a very simple dynamic. If you drive some individual into bankruptcy, the victim has no choice but to attempt to “start over” – as an individual (serf). And then the banksters simply seek to enslave that serf, with new debts.

Drive a nation into bankruptcy, however, and not only does the previous yoke of debt evaporate, their will inevitably be regime-change. Allowing a new government to come to power in one of the Debt Slave regimes of the West --- post-bankruptcy – directly implies the risk of a new government over which the One Bank will have no power/control whatsoever (as has already occurred in Greece).

Thus “national bankruptcy” (i.e. debt-default) is an outcome which this crime syndicate seeks to avert, with all of its malevolent might. The problem, once again, is the mentality of these psychopaths, combined with the relentless arithmetic of compound interest.

Even relying upon their fingers-and-toes; the banksters should have been able to calculate that the sort of national Debt Slavery they envisioned (a crushing mountain of debt which gave these bankers absolute control over these debtor-nations) is not even remotely sustainable. As more and more interest piles up; the Debt Slave nation goes from being “barely unsustainable” to “totally unsustainable”, to KA-BOOM! Bankruptcy.

Presumably, one cannot be a “banker” (i.e. thief) without at least some minimal competence with arithmetic: you can’t (properly) steal from victims if you can’t even figure out how much you’re stealing. Thus, just as the One Bank’s dream-paradigm of societies of penniless, dependent, 12-century serfs (as its slaves) is not remotely feasible; similarly, its dream-paradigm of a collection of Debt Slave governments as permanently obedient lackeys was also never remotely feasible.

The One Bank has no End Game. More specifically; these mentally-stunted predators are incapable of dynamic analysis: incorporating change over time into their plots. Dynamic analysis is the thinking of a chess player. Instead, all of their two-dimensional, evil schemes are the product of (psychopathic) static analysis: they still scheme to “rule the world” as it existed in 1892.

Many of Europe’s governments are now ridiculously past the point-of-no-return with respect to their fiscal status. They are hopelessly insolvent, and in the corporate world all of these Deadbeat Debtors would immediately seek to do precisely what we see Greece’s “radical” government trying to do: “restructuring” its debt – i.e. engaging in a controlled bankruptcy proceeding, versus an uncontrolled bankruptcy (simple debt-default).

What is occurring now with Greece must take place with these other debtor nations, a matter of months (weeks?) down the road. There are only a very limited number of mathematical possibilities here, and the psychopaths of the One Bank reject all of them.

They don’t want to allow any reduction in Greece’s mountain of debt, because then the other Deadbeat Debtors would immediately line-up for their own “reductions”. And then when those reductions in debt actually resulted in real economic improvement; the Debtors would demand more reductions, and then more reductions – and eventually the One Bank’s financial choke-hold over these governments would be gone.

The banksters are even more terrified that (if forced into it) Greece’s new government will simply repudiate all of these fraudulent bond debts, and essentially declare its own Debt Jubilee. Once again, at some point wiping away that mountain of oppressive, criminal debt would result in obvious economic benefits for Greece’s economy – and then the other Western deadbeats would all line-up for their own “Debt Jubilee”.

What the One Bank wants is to keep everything exactly the way it is: to sustain all these crushing, sovereign debts at roughly their exact, current level. However (again as a function of simple arithmetic) the only way this could happen would be if the banksters stopped charging any more interest on these mega-debts. And the day any banker stopped charging interest on debt is the day we will no longer need automobiles – because we’ll all be able to get where we need to go riding our flying-pigs.

1) Reduce the debt.

2) Wipe-away the debt.

3) Stop charging interest on the debt.

These are the only, three, possible ways in which the ridiculous “Greece scenario” can be resolved. There are no other mathematical possibilities, and the banksters reject all of them. And so the Tango continues...

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