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Silver Bars

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  1. Silver Republic Metals Corp. Bar (10 oz)

    Republic Metals Silver Bar (10 oz)

    These 10oz RMC Silver Bars are minted from .999 fine silver and are COMEX and LBMA approved, making it an excellent addition to your portfolio.

    As low as*
    USD $181.96
  2. Silver Asahi 100 oz

    Asahi Silver Bar (100 oz)

    These silver bullion bars are produced by Asahi, whose refineries were previously owned by Johnson Matthey. The bars are poured into a loaf shape and stamped with the refiner's logo, purity and weight.

    As low as*
    USD $1,807.97
  3. Silver Morgan Bar (10 oz)

    Morgan Silver Dollar Bar (10 oz)

    Each 10 oz Morgan Silver Bar features the famous Morgan design used on the American silver dollars from 1878-1904.

    As low as*
    USD $183.96
  4. Silver Morgan Design Bar (1 oz)

    Morgan Silver Dollar Bar (1 oz)

    Made of 99.9% pure silver, the Morgan design silver bars are minted in the US by Highland Mint.

    As low as*
    USD $18.42
  5. Silver Patriot Bar (1 kg)

    Patriot Silver Bar (1 kg)

    Minted by Scottsdale Mint, the 1 kg Patriot Silver Bars are minted from 99.9% fine silver.

    As low as*
    USD $596.87
  6. Silver Johnson Matthey Bar (100 oz)

    Johnson Matthey Silver Bar (100 oz)

    Minted in the UK by Johnson Matthey, a refiner that has been in business since 1817.

    As low as*
    USD $1,803.56
  7. 1000 oz Silver Bar (Mint Varies)

    Mint Varies - 1000 oz Silver Bar

    Each of these silver bars weighs approximately 1000 troy ounce and are produced by various world renowned manufacturers.

  8. 10 oz Silver Bars (Mint Varies)

    Mint Varies - 10 oz Silver Bars

    Get the best value on your 10 oz Silver Bars without worrying about the brand.

    USD $173.18

Items 11 to 18 of 18 total

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