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Sponsorship - Dustin Cook

Dustin Cook
Five years ago, Sprott Money was proud to begin sponsoring a budding alpine skiing hopeful named Dustin Cook. We had great faith in his abilities as an athlete, and that his devotion to his sport would bring him the success that he deserved. Five years later, our pride in Dustin has over-flowed, as his hard work and dedication has come to fruition through two significant victories in 2015. Sprott Money congratulates Dustin on his World Championship silver medal in the men’s super-G in February, and for his recent gold medal victory in men’s super-G for the World Cup Finals in March. Dustin is now ranked #5 in the world within his discipline. He recently competed at the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea. We wish Dustin continued success, and offer our consistent support in his quest for greatness.

December, 2015: Olympic Canada's 2015 Year in Review Part I

Dustin's 2015 wins are featured on this Canadian Olympic 2015 Year in Review article. Great coverage for an awesome athlete!


Feb. 4, 2015: Dustin wins Silver at the World Championship, Colorado USA

Watch Dustin's winning Super-G race in Beavercreek Colorado.

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