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The REAL New World Order - Jeff Nielson (24/4/2017)

The REAL New World Order - Jeff Nielson (24/4/2017)
By Jeff Nielson 3 years ago 53880 Views 19 comments

April 24, 2017

Regular readers are familiar with the Old World Order : the cabal of Western oligarchs who control not only our own puppet governments, but generally dictate events to most nations around the world. The vehicle used by these oligarchs to maintain their (economic) control over Western governments to keep them meek and submissive is the One Bank .

Regular readers are also familiar with this entity. The One Bank is a banking crime syndicate. Its dimensions have been previously defined in the computer modeling of a trio of Swiss researchers. The finding of that model is that by itself this crime syndicate controls roughly 40% of the entire global economy – all of the most important sectors.

What is one of the biggest problems for the One Bank? When you are a crime syndicate which controls 40% of the global economy, it becomes hard to continue to hide in the shadows.

The solution? The oligarchs resorted to the same solution they use to cover up all of the One Bank’s mega crimes: propaganda. In this case, it was disinformation. The oligarchs went and borrowed a metaphor which already existed in the extremes of conspiracy-theory writing: “the New World Order.”

They then began spreading this disinformation on a much larger scale than any of the previous conspiracy-mongering in this area. To give the disinformation a veneer of plausibility, the oligarchs of the Old World Order even allowed themselves to be (supposedly) linked to the mythological New World Order.

What is the NWO supposed to be? According to the propagandists (inadvertent and otherwise) who promote it, it is a secret, socialist, one-world government being constructed “above” the level of our own pathetic puppet governments.

How do you hide if you are a crime syndicate which controls 40% of the global economy? Where do you hide? Inside a great, big lie.

Alert and intelligent readers should automatically dismiss this NWO as nothing but absurd propaganda. What has the OWO been doing, perpetually and ravenously? Stealing all of the wealth of the masses and piling it atop the own obscene hoards of the oligarchs.

That is not “socialism”. Socialism is “share the wealth”, not steal all of the wealth.

It has become so easy to fool most people with vacuous ideological labels. Barack Obama was frequently labeled a “socialist” by much of the brain-dead Right. What did Obama do for eight years? He stole from the bottom 80% of the U.S. population and gave to his Masters: the Top 0.01%. That is not socialism either. Just another reverse-Robin Hood, right-wing government: steal from the Poor; give to the (very, very) Rich.

There is no “new world order”. There is only the Old World Order, or at least this has been the case for many, many decades up until now.

There is great irony here. The Old World Order invented the myth of the “New World Order” to hide its raping-and-pillaging of the planet. But it is precisely this continuous and ever more rapacious plundering that has now resulted in the rise of an actual New World Order.

This NWO is not a crime syndicate of psychopaths like the Old World Order. Neither is it some totally ridiculous ideological contrivance like the (mythological) New World Order. The real New World Order that is coming into existence today is an association of necessity, led by China and Russia, to help the nations of the Rest of the World protect themselves from the psychopathic West, and the oligarchs in control of it.

Remember the demise of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War? Weren’t those happy times? The “evil” Soviets had been defeated, and now we were all going to live happily ever after. China and even Russia were wooed by the West – old enemies becoming new friends.

However, when the oligarchs of the One Bank learned that Russia and China had no intentions of serving the West (i.e. the Old World Order), this new friendship quickly deteriorated. The next thing we knew, the Corporate media in the West were back to Cold War rhetoric, simply substituting “Russia” for “Soviet Union”.

Russia was first in the cross-hairs because it had never really benefitted from the new (supposed) era of cooperation between East and West. Put another way, the oligarchs had invested nothing in their faux friendship with Russia. Meanwhile, their puppets in the Corrupt West had already begun targeting nations allied to Russia.

One of the ways these puppet governments have been covering up their own campaign of naked aggression is through fabricating a massive blanket of propaganda. Every act of naked aggression by the West was supposedly a “reaction” by these fascist governments to supposed aggression from Russia’s allies or even Russia itself -- or else “the terrorists” (the West’s mercenary henchmen ).

It culminated when the U.S. staged a coup in Ukraine, Russia’s closest neighbour and ally. The coup was justified according to the West because the regime previously in power was corrupt. There are two obvious rebuttals to that pathetically flimsy argument.

  1. There was already an election scheduled in Ukraine in less than six months. Are the Champions of Democracy (what the Corrupt West likes to call itself) telling us that a coup d’etat is better than simply waiting for an election?
  2. If “corruption” was reason enough to stage a revolution, there would already be revolutions-in-progress all over the West itself.

After the U.S. staged that coup, demonization of Russia dramatically escalated, along with the military campaign against Syria – another Russian ally. Economic terrorism was launched against Russia’s economy. The ruble was ruthlessly attacked by the convicted currency manipulators of the One Bank. Oil prices were manipulated dramatically lower, with Barack Obama publicly boasting that this manipulation was “a part of the U.S. strategy” against Russia.

Soon, even China was targeted. China had outlived its usefulness as a (low wage) jurisdiction for Western multinational corporations. The Chinese people now wanted to be paid decent wages, so the oligarchs had already begun to shift their corporate operations to other even lower-wage jurisdictions.

The excuse for (once again) referring to China as an enemy was/is the South China Sea. While the West flexes its muscles by dropping bombs on the heads of people in Africa and Asia, the Western media has been relentlessly demonizing China for building artificial islands in essentially unoccupied waters.

Building islands or dropping bombs? Which is the more deplorable international crime? According to Western media, it is (conveniently) the “crime” of building islands.

This renewed aggression against Russia and China by the West did not spawn the Rest of the World’s “New World Order”. Instead, this aggression is the belated realization by the West’s psychopathic oligarchs of the existence of this new, world order. While the oligarchs have been busy destroying everything in sight, China and Russia were attempting to build something.

Here China has taken the lead with its Belt and Road Initiative . Loosely based upon China’s ancient “Silk Road”, it is the world’s largest project in terms of infrastructure and economic cooperation, even larger than the Marshall Plan at the end of World War II.

The Marshall Plan was an enormously successful initiative where the oligarchs actually worked on fixing all of the damage and destruction they had engineered after manufacturing World War II. In contrast, the Belt and Road Initiative is a plan to economically fortify (first) Asia and (then) the Rest of the World against the Corrupt West.

Along with this, China and Russia have constructed “parallel” economic institutions which now exist side-by-side with similar Western-based institutions. The great joke here is that while China and Russia have publicly spoken of these institutions existing in conjunction with their (corrupted) versions in the West, the oligarchs can clearly see that they are intended to replace Western-based institutions.

With which institutions would the Rest of the World prefer to do business: entities rancid with corruption like the World Bank and the IMF, or an honest broker like the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank?

Constant economic predation. Ever more reckless military acts from ever more-desperate regimes. The psychopathic empire of the One Bank has simply become so intolerable and so dangerous that the Rest of the World is being forced to unite as a mechanism of self-preservation.

This is the New World Order – the real one.

It really is “new”. It really does involve the “world” (except for the Corrupt West). And it really could/should lead to “order”, not the ever-worsening chaos as the One Bank regularly orders its puppet governments to destroy any nation that gets in its way.

What the New World Order is not is any sort of one-world government. What the New World Order is not is some (supposed) “socialist utopia”.

The new, world order being crafted by China and Russia is non-ideological. It is non-controlling. Another great irony here is that as Western regimes have gotten increasingly corrupt, belligerent, and simply evil, the Eastern powers have become relatively more virtuous.

Perhaps it was simply being able to observe how not to run the world (for several decades), but China and Russia have seemingly adopted the doctrine of Enlightened Self-Interest. By helping neighbouring nations and acting as honest brokers in the global community, China and Russia see the surest path to their own prosperity and security.

Another thing that the New World Order is not is perfect. As global powers, China and Russia do not resemble White Knights, merely the lessers-of-evil – much less evil. The New World Order coming into existence today is not some ideologically based pipe-dream. It is a construct of pragmatism, designed to help nations co-exist and (hopefully) prosper. In time, perhaps it will replace the United Nations – another corrupted Western institution.

The real NWO will succeed as the new “order” in the world because the Old World Order has succeeded in making itself obsolete.

Jeff Nielson is co-founder and managing partner of Bullion Bulls Canada; a website which provides precious metals commentary, economic analysis, and mining information to readers and investors. Jeff originally came to the precious metals sector as an investor around the middle of last decade, but with a background in economics and law, he soon decided this was where he wanted to make the focus of his career. His website is www.bullionbullscanada.com.

The views and opinions expressed in this material are those of the author as of the publication date, are subject to change and may not necessarily reflect the opinions of Sprott Money Ltd. Sprott Money does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, timeliness and reliability of the information or any results from its use.

theeseer 3 years ago at 5:55 PM
Oh Yeah after invadingTibet and the Russians shooting the opposition leader a few steps from the Kremlin how can they not be "honest brokers". Ha what a joke. The real bosses are the "majic 12" group in each country. Go look it up. The rest is just the usual corruption which shifts with time.
alextor 3 years ago at 7:52 AM
Opposition leader? Give me a break. He was a washed up politician who helped West to acquire Russian companies for penny at the dollar. His support among population was around 2%, so he wasn't a threat to Putin or anybody else. He was positioned as an anti-corruption activist be Western media but after his death his 3 ex wives and girlfriends with kids were fighting for his estate that was estimated close to $1bln. Not bad for "honest" politician. He became useless for his masters, so they decided that he worth more dead than alive.
Max Power 3 years ago at 9:49 PM
If you truly believe that stealing from the meritorious and giving to those who lack merit, you are the one who is "brain dead". Anyone who is being sucked into this phony Left-Right paradigm, has been indoctrinated. That includes the author of this misguided piece of rubbish. Collectivism, in all its forms, is the greatest evil on the planet and has been responsible for the most misery. This has been proven, time and time again. Only a fool, who ignores historical lessons is so myopic as a collectivist.
Dylan Jones 3 years ago at 3:05 PM
But can't you see the game being played here? Jeff is in agreement with you. The meritorious are the hard working masses, us. Those who lack merit, the top 0.01%, are the vampires at the top of the pyramid.
What is collectivism in all its forms? It is when the top 0.01%, still alive and well, convince the masses to give up all their wealth and dignity, murder each other and live in perpetual misery.
Our "democratic" society is nothing of the sort, it is collectivism by your own definition, plain and simple.
Bobbie Boettcher 3 years ago at 9:59 PM
Are you aware of a new energy manufacturer. Check out Brilliant Light Power website. They are about to change the world. ( if we don't blow ourselves up first )
Durango Dan 3 years ago at 7:07 PM
Thanks Jeff. You've well articulated my observations during the past few years. I hate to believe that any government can serve a constructive role, but Putin appears to be our best hope to end this insane debt based monetary system. It will be ugly anyway you twist it.
Jeff Nielson 3 years ago at 8:30 PM
Thanks for the support Durango Dan.

"I hate to believe that ANY GOVERNMENT can serve a constructive role, but Putin appears to be our best hope to end this insane debt based monetary system."

I totally understand the frustration that leads one to adopt anarchist beliefs (or even extreme libertarian viewpoints), I'm just always at a loss to see an "end game". Without some degree of collectivism (in the form of government) we are left with nothing but the Law of the Jungle: might is right.

What could be the only thing worse than being under the thumb of these Western oligarchs? Being under the thumb of these oligarchs without even the VENEER of justice/civilization which we still maintain.

Yes, it WILL be ugly no matter how things turn out. That's all the more reason why Decent People need to unite and organize now. As a species, we are always much more effective when we work together.
Bob 3 years ago at 2:28 AM
Not bad, but incorrect in most instances with no mention of the fake British crown or their pal's the Brit Commonwealth, European Union and their Army of world police ~ America who violate the worlds real democratic rights all the time ( G7 ) control Russia excluded.....

We know what the conflict in Syria , Iraq and Afghanistan is all about ~ control of crude oil and the world drug trade same as DARPA & GOOGLE...Inclusive of extreme weather modification by HAARP and GMO....
Its all about GOG Vs MAGOG and the alien Kazerians

You can fool some of the people some of the time but you cannot fool everybody all of the time....
Keith Roloson 3 years ago at 3:58 AM
Sorry. SORRY! I disagree with this. It is simplistic, almost disinfo itself.
He does not deal with the realities of the new Corporatism that replaced Capitalism in the 1980s-1990s. He doesn't deal with the Hegelian Dialectic of Capitalism colliding with Communism [thesis: antithesis] and merging into synthesis of Communitarianism, which the world has never seen.
He doesn't deal with UN Agenda 21, UN Agenda 30, Green Nazis so to speak, the enviro-fascists who use ecology [hi-jacked it] to implement control of populations thru population movement into cities and towns... stack'em and pack'em, use of EPA etc. to destroy all fossil fuel human support.
Let the people freeze in the dark. He doesn't deal with anti-human Death Culture of the NWO and population control thru starvation and war and disease as a planned strategy.

He doesn't deal with the Worship of Science or Worship of Nature as the new Deity of the NWO. He doesn't deal with the Death Culture promoting rampant abortion including coming out [partial birth abortion] and the promotion of no borders with regional currencies.
No I say this is a disinfo article whether he intended to or not. He even wrongly defines the nationalistic Resistance in China, Russia, and yes Trump's USA, Brexit and probably Frexit as THE NWO!
NO! name it something else. This beautiful Resistance and desire to return to civilization and yes Judeo-Christian foundations is not NWO. It is return to Rationality and Civilization.

I could go on and on with the other aspects of Communitarianism as the new Collectivism, and of the Death Culture to depopulate the earth in the name of the New Religion which is Worship of Nature and despising humankind,,,, except for the oligarchs of the Communitarianism run by the Corporatists who 'know best' what we need.
Samsara 3 years ago at 7:50 AM
Thank you Mr. Nielson. What a great article!
Btw just spotted some possible error at below:

"With which institutions would the Rest of the World prefer to do business: entities rancid with corruption like the World Bank and the IMF, or an honest broker like the Asia Development Bank?"

ASIA DEVELOPMENT BANK??? Is it a mistake? I think the ADB is an extension of the World Bank, with the Japan is in the driver's seat stirring its direction. I guess you did mean the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB). Please kindly look into this matter.

Jeff Nielson 3 years ago at 8:08 PM
Thank you for the support AND the correction Samsara!

Yes, a (very) loose reference. I didn't fact check closely enough when the entity I was thinking of is the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. An embarrassing gaffe (lol)!
Samsara 3 years ago at 12:05 PM
Mr. Nielson, such error is human :-) but more importantly is the correction within the article itself and every known copy of it.

Therefore, may you please correct it in your article... not all readers will browse up to this commentary section thus I'm afraid such error will be carried over. I believe every copy of the cross-post should be rectified too. Thank you for your attention.
Jeff Nielson 3 years ago at 8:10 PM
I'll see what can be done here. Unfortunately attempting to get editing of off-site versions is a lot like spitting into the wind. :)
J.D. 3 years ago at 2:39 PM
There is little doubt that the western oligarchs have become 'absolutely corrupted' and are seeking to become first among equals within the status of the international oligarchy. So this is a war among the apex elites while the masses under any of these opposed oligarch's control will always get the short end or worse. Class warfare has never gone away nor has the internecine struggles among the elites. Call it what you will, OWO or NWO what we are witnessing is a return to the era of the Robber Barons only now it is on an international scale and the nations of the planet, as keepers of the commons, are now in the direct sights of the financial 'one bank' and its corporate entourage, having already bought off, coerced or otherwise castrated any organized political opposition to their agenda in the west and areas of influence. The Asian oligarchs are simply repelled by the thought of having the western oligarchs run the whole show. The people get screwed whomever is running the show.
Jeff Nielson 3 years ago at 8:20 PM
J.D., we obviously share some points of agreement. Where we differ is where I would suggest you are overlooking some nuances.

Yes, class warfare has never gone away. And (for the record) it is always an undeclared war by those at the very top against everyone else. However, previous generations of Western oligarchs focused their "warfare" externally, allowing the masses in Western society to rise to a level of genuine prosperity -- which is how/why these oligarchs were able to maintain global predominance.

In cannibalizing their own power-base, this generation of oligarch has crossed the line into the realm of the psychopath. The line I like to use is "even a dog knows enough not to defecate in its own bed."

Conversely, while the East also has oligarchs, we see nations which are clearly trying to ELEVATE their citizens, not subjugate their serfs. We also see the East showing no inclination to destroy their neighbours (as we continually see with the West). I feel fully justified in referring to this Eastern "NWO" as the lesser of evils.
Bevin Chu 3 years ago at 8:00 PM
'... the New World Order is not is perfect. As global powers, China and Russia do not resemble White Knights, merely the lessers-of-evil – much less evil."

Took the words right out of my mouth.

There are no good governments, only bad governments and worse governments.

The US led "Empire of Chaos" is a " worse government".

Russia and China are merely "bad governments" which are not nearly so bad as the US led Five Eyes, NATO, EU, and Japan.
Tom 3 years ago at 5:01 PM
You sir are forgetting the mega wealth and power of the Rothchilds and Rockefellers. When Rockefeller spoke at the CFR he even thanked the MSM press for keeping a lid on their actions and he continued that without their silence in the sinister of the NWO it would not be possibe
Emme O 3 years ago at 12:19 PM
The misinformation is very real. Just when you think this can’t get anymore bizarre the rabbit hole gets deeper. Msemme.com
tbrianmay@gmail.com 2 years ago at 4:13 AM
Wait until the East has complete power and then you will know what true evil is.

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