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Though platinum is less commonly purchased than gold and silver, its rarity and collectibility make it a valuable commodity for any investor.

Our Platinum Collection

View our selection of platinum bars and coins. It's rarity, quality and durability makes platinum a valuable investment.

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Our company's mission, as one of Canada's largest dealers of gold, silver, and platinum bullion, is to make precious metals ownership accessible to everyone. Regardless of your age or investment experience, we can assist you in establishing or growing a precious metals portfolio.

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Platinum Bullion

Platinum is a relatively recent investment option, particularly in comparison with the long history enjoyed by gold and silver. It is also a less popular investment, with fewer investors choosing to buy platinum to add to their portfolio. Typically, investment demand for physical platinum is around one-tenth that of silver and it accounts for less than one percent of investors' demand for gold.

Indeed, platinum is so scarce that all the platinum ever mined could be melted down into a platinum ingot or bar small enough to fit inside the average citizen's garage.

Platinum as an Investment Opportunity

Platinum's price fell sharply during the financial crisis of 2008. Since that time, many platinum bullion buyers and investors have come to view it as a worthwhile investment.

Platinum is recognized as the world's premier metal for jewelry due to its rarity and hardness when compared to gold. Platinum is also in high demand due to its use in high-volume industrial applications, such as fertilizer, petroleum, and fiberglass production. Although it is primarily used in catalytic converters for diesel cars, it is now also used in hydrogen fuel cells.

Investing in Platinum

1. Is platinum preferable to gold?

Platinum is significantly rarer than gold and, and consequently, valued more highly. For every ounce of platinum mined, thirty ounces of gold have been extracted. Nevertheless, as an industrial metal, the price of platinum is largely determined by market forces and supply and demand. Platinum's price can fluctuate by the second, but our website allows you to monitor the price of platinum in real-time.

2. Is platinum more valuable than gold?

Platinum has only been cheaper than gold four times during the last four decades. The current period, the longest ever, is difficult to reconcile with five years of demand exceeding supply. Investors who haven't considered buying platinum previously may see now as an opportune moment to start.

3. What makes platinum so unique?

Platinum's one-of-a-kind physical properties make it an extremely valuable industrial metal. Due to its catalytic properties, it is used to make fertilizer for crops, aid in the conversion of crude oil to gasoline, and most commonly in the catalytic converters used to clean diesel emissions. Platinum also has several lesser-known applications, including medical implants, anti-cancer treatments, and hydrogen fuel cells.


4. Why is platinum relatively affordable currently?

Platinum reached its all-time high price in 2008. As an industrial metal, however, its price is always going to be heavily influenced by supply and demand. Platinum is primarily used in diesel catalytic converters and since the appeal of diesel cars has waned, so has the demand for platinum.

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Buying Platinum

Buy Platinum Bars

Buying platinum bullion is a great way to diversify your precious metals portfolio. Because they are less ornate, there is less work involved in producing platinum bars than in producing platinum coins, which means they cost less to buy.

As with our gold and silver bullion, every one of the platinum ingots or bars we sell is of the highest purity and investment grade. When you make a purchase, you can choose between storage in a secure vault or fully insured delivery to your door.

Buy Platinum Coins

Platinum does not have the same long history as gold or silver but in recent years, due to its scarcity, platinum bullion and platinum coins have become increasingly sought after.

Platinum coins are now attracting the attention of both investors and collectors worldwide. In addition to the American Eagle and the Canadian Maple Leaf, many other 1 oz. platinum coins are being produced by mints all over the world in varying designs.

Where to Buy Platinum Online

With a secure online account from Sprott Money, you can purchase platinum bars, buy platinum bullion, and buy platinum coins online at any time.

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Platinum Bullion Prices

Spot Price of Platinum

Our prices are based on the current spot price of platinum, using the most up-to-date and accurate information available. The current platinum price is displayed at the top of each page of our website. This display is "real-time" and updated continuously.

When you use our website, you can check the platinum bullion and platinum coin prices and place an order at any time, which allows you to capitalize on price fluctuations.

Platinum Storage

Sprott Money provides top-quality products and low-risk storage on a national and international level. When you store your precious metals with us, we guarantee that your gold, silver, and platinum will be safely and privately stored in a highly secure vault, with minimal risk.

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