• Best Price Match Guarantee*
    Best Price Match Guarantee*
  • FREE Shipping & Insurance on Orders Over $500
    FREE Shipping & Insurance on Orders Over $500
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Sell to us. It's easy.

Looking to sell your precious metals? We’re buying.

We buy back precious metals purchased through us and will buy investment-grade precious metals (99.99% gold and 99.9% silver).*

Our buy-back price is determined by the current spot price, market conditions, location, and supply and demand fundamentals.

Once the buy price is determined and agreed upon, a contractual agreement for the sale of your bullion will be drafted and emailed to you. Upon receipt and verification of said bullion, you will receive payment within 10 business days.

*We reserve the right to reject sale requests upon consideration of inventory levels, market conditions and product specifications.

Here's how it works:

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Place your sell back order

Call us at 1-888-861-0775 to speak with a representative and place your sell back order.

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We’ll confirm your order

Once the order is placed and prices are locked in, you’ll receive a confirmation email. If you wish to receive your payment through Wire Payment directly to your bank account, there is a $25 charge and we require that the Wire Transfer Payment form be completed with your bank details. The email confirmation form contains a button to download this form.

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Ship your metals

If you’re shipping metals to us, please follow the shipping instructions provided in the confirmation email and include a printout of the email in your package. If the metals being sold are in your storage account, we require that you complete the Storage Account Transaction Request form so we’re authorized to make the transfer. You’ll find a button linking to this form in your confirmation email.

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We’ll send your payment

Once the shipment is received and verified, we’ll send your payment within 5 – 10 business days.

Sell To Us FAQ

Sprott Money rarely accepts anything other than bullion that has been purchased from us to maintain the chain of integrity.

For buying back your metals from storage, the payment is sent within 5-10 business days of receiving your completed Storage Transaction Request form. This form is your written consent of the transaction. For a buy back where the metals are shipped to us, payment is sent within 5-10 business days of the verification of the products.

If you are located in the Greater Toronto Area you are welcome to drop off your products. Please call us to set up your appointment at 1-888-861-0775.

Yes, you have the option to receive a wire transfer for a fee of $35 USD/CAD. This fee would be deducted from the amount owing to you.

Buy back orders must be completed over the phone. Please call us at 1-888-861-0775.