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The Economy is Doing Great! Oh, Wait a Minute ... - Nathan McDonald

The mainstream media continue to spin this narrative that all is well in the economy. They have to paint this beautiful and rosy picture for the public and hope beyond all hope that they will buy into it, hook, line and sinker.

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The FED Will Do Nothing, The Punch Bowl Must Remain Until After the Elections - Nathan McDonald

Stocks continue to march higher as the world waits to hear the jawboning of Janet Yellen and other key officials in the upcoming Jackson Hole meeting.

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Picking Up the UK Tab - Jeff Thomas

Britain was never fully married to the EU; she was more a “woman on the side,” but in this case, it was the woman that was picking up the tab for the affair.

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SM Radio

August 26, 2016

This week, Eric Sprott assesses the recent pullback in the metals and miners. Eric also discusses the context and reaction to Chair Yellen's speech at Jackson Hole.

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August 19, 2016

This week, Eric Sprott discusses the latest FOMC minutes, the struggling global economy and the continued interest in the mining shares.

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August 12, 2016

This week, Eric Sprott discusses the lousy U.S. economy, the global move toward negative interest rates and the impact on gold and silver prices.

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Ask The Expert

Ask The Expert - David Jensen - August 2016

Our Ask the Expert for August 2016 is David Jensen of Jensen Strategic. Mr. Jensen currently serves as President and COO of a private mining company and provides strategic, operational, risk assessment, and precious metals consulting services.

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Ask The Expert - Rob Kirby - July 2016

Our Ask the Expert for July 2016 is Rob Kirby of Kirby Analytics. Rob writes about the markets - and his book - from a "gold bug's" point of view.

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Ask The Expert - Brent Cook - June 2016

Our Ask the Expert for June 2016 is Brent Cook. Brent Cook is an independent exploration analyst with 30 years of experience in both property economics and geology evaluations.

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Sprott's Thoughts

A Negative Interest Rate World

The FT reports that the value of negative-yielding bonds - both government and corporate - swelled to $13.4 trillion this week as negative interest rates and central bank bond buying ripple through the debt market.

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Exploration Leaders On Precious Metals Stocks: Remember That "Quality Is Important"

The recent Sprott Natural Resource Symposium in Vancouver assembled some of the most accomplished builders & explorers in the natural resource space.

Following the conference, a few industry leaders were kind enough to share their thoughts on the current state of the resource market with Sprott’s Thoughts readers.

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Does the Current Gold Price Justify the Big Gains in Gold Stocks?

What a difference 7 months can make for the gold and silver industry. In early January, precious metals were unloved and showing no signs of snapping their multi-year bear market. Very few believed they still provided valuable diversification within a portfolio. At the time, gold was hovering around $1,050 an ounce and some companies were mining gold at a loss.

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