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Hyperinflation Defined, Explained, and Proven: Part I - Jeff Nielson

Few people in our society have an adequate understanding of the meaning (and thus the presence) of hyperinflation. Regrettably, this is because most of the people writing about hyperinflation lack even an adequate understanding of “inflation” – let alone its much more extreme cousin.

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Corrupt Or Just Stupid? Markets Hand Corporations An Unlimited Credit Card - John Rubino

In the sound money community, it’s generally understood that abandoning the last vestige of the gold standard in 1971 gave major countries effectively-unlimited credit cards – which corrupted them irredeemably. Now – with government bonds yielding either next to or less than nothing – that corruption has begun to spread to corporations, whose bonds are being snapped up by yield-deprived investors.

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The United States Presidential Election is a Mess - Thank Goodness! - Nathan McDonald

Let's put in bluntly: the United States Presidential election campaign is a complete and utter mess. We are looking a country that is deeply divided on key and fundamental differences. We are looking at two potential leaders that stand in stark difference to one another and are attracting very different supporters because of this.

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SM Radio

July 22, 2016

Eric Sprott discusses the recent price weakness in the precious metals and looks ahead to what might be a volatile week next.

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July 15, 2016

Eric Sprott discusses the recent price weakness in gold relative to the continued strong performance of silver and the mining shares.

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July 8, 2016

Hear Eric Sprott discuss today's U.S. employment report as well as the recent strong performance of both gold and silver.

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Ask The Expert

Ask The Expert - Rob Kirby - July 2016

Our Ask the Expert for July 2016 is Rob Kirby of Kirby Analytics. Rob writes about the markets - and his book - from a "gold bug's" point of view.

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Ask The Expert - Brent Cook - June 2016

Our Ask the Expert for June 2016 is Brent Cook. Brent Cook is an independent exploration analyst with 30 years of experience in both property economics and geology evaluations.

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Ask The Expert - Jeff Nielson - May 2016

This month's Ask The Expert interviewee is Jeff Nielson. Jeff is not only the co-founder and managing partner of Bullion Bulls Canada, he is also a very popular regular contributor to Sprott Money.

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Sprott's Thoughts

Steve Todoruk: A Healthier Gold Mining Industry - Maurice Jackson

Steve Todoruk of ‘Sprott Global Resource Investments’ sits down with Maurice Jackson of ‘Proven & Probable’ to discuss the current state of the Gold Mining Industry.

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Back to Basics with Doug Casey and Rick Rule

In the lead-up to the 2016 Sprott Natural Resource Symposium on July 26th - 29th, Rick conducted a series of interviews with various industry experts and keynote speakers, and Sprott’s Thoughts readers get the first review.

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The Technical Case For The New Gold Bull Market

Last week, Sam Broom of Sprott Global spoke to Sprott’s leading portfolio manager and technical analyst Paul Wong about the discipline of technical analysis and why he thinks we’ve recently transitioned to the next bull market in precious metals.

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