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Big Business is Economic Cancer, Part III - Jeff Nielson

We all know of the twelve-step program which can (purportedly) help people wean themselves off of the disease of alcoholism. Weaning ourselves off of the ‘disease’ of Big Business requires only a four-step program. Unfortunately, each-and-every one of these “steps” is totally opposite to what is currently being perpetrated (against us) by our Traitor Governments – as they continue to serve rather than starve these cancerous corporations.

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Five Reasons to follow Precious Metal Stocks - Peter Diekmeyer

With an ever-changing market, it is imperative that precious metal investors have a broader understanding of viable investment opportunities. Here are a number of reasons savvy investors should pay attention to precious metal stocks…

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The Derivatives Market: Bets, Bookies, and Fraud - Jeff Nielson

The “derivatives market” is nothing but an illegal casino. The Big Banks who operate this illegal casino are nothing but crooked “bookies”. Scratch the surface of this organized crime, and we find a cesspool of fraud much larger/deeper (and more malevolent) than anything else ever contrived in the history of crime.

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SM Radio

October 9, 2015

Listen to Eric Sprott share his thoughts on volatility in the Forex markets, corporate earnings, unethical corporate behavior, and his take on the precious metal market this week.

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October 2, 2015

Listen to Eric Sprott share his views on recently released US job reports, Russia joining the fight against the Islamic State in Syria, and the movement of gold and silver in the physical precious metals market.

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September 25, 2015

Listen to Eric Sprott share his thoughts on the economy, Janet Yellen's recent speech, currency devaluation in emerging markets, and movement in physical metal markets. Tune-in to the Wrap Up!

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Ask The Expert

Ask The Expert - John Hathaway - October 2015

John Hathaway is a Senior Portfolio Manager, and currently co-manages the Tocqueville Gold Fund (TGLDX). Beyond expertise as an investment advisor and portfolio manager, John is one of the most popular writers and speakers in the investment world, particularly in the precious metals market. His insights on gold have been published in numerous online and printed publications and he makes regular appearances as an expert in the financial media.

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Ask The Expert - Rick Rule - September 2015

Rick Rule is the Founder and CEO of Sprott Global Companies and is no stranger to readers and listeners of Sprott Money News. Mr. Rule is a frequent speaker at industry conferences, and is interviewed for numerous radio, television, print and online media outlets concerning natural resource investment and industry topics. He is frequently quoted and referred by prominent natural resource oriented newsletters and advisories. As a self-proclaimed “gold bug” Rick also possesses decades of knowledge and experience in precious metal investment.

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Ask The Expert - Ted Butler - August 21, 2015

Ted Butler is one of the world’s most respected precious metals analysts. His perspective is highly valued by the everyday investor as well as large stakeholders in the investment world.Ted started as a broker in the early 1970’s but began his journey as an independent analyst over 20 years ago.

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Sprott's Thoughts

Teething Problems in New Mines - Steve Todoruk

Yesterday the gold market witnessed the latest casualty of a new gold producer – Rubicon Minerals Corp. (RBY.US, RMX.CA) when they announced negative news in regards to their newly commissioned Phoenix Mine in eastern Canada.

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Can We Pick the Next Biggest Stock-Market Winners? – Chris Mayer, author, 100-Baggers

How do you find the stocks that are most likely to return 100-1 gains?

That’s the question Chris Mayer wanted to answer.

After a year-long study of the biggest performers of the last 50 years, Chris believes he’s gathered a “template” of the main characteristics of top performers.

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“Why I’m Looking at Small Gold Miners. . .”: Steve Todoruk

Steve Todoruk, a broker at Sprott Global Resource Investments Ltd., has been following the move higher in certain gold mining stocks. Henry Bonner asked Steve why some miners are recovering – but not others.

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