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Short Selling Emergency Session with Eric Sprott

Eric Sprott Podcast

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Attention investors, join Eric Sprott in his upcoming podcast on Friday, November 24, 2023! Attend this session to get the latest insights and take actionable steps. From contacting company executives to influencing government policy, your involvement can drive significant change. Don't miss out on this opportunity to safeguard your investments and contribute to the industry's resurgence.

Hosted by Terry Lynch : Featuring Eric Sprott, Wes Christian, David Wenger & Save Canadian Mining.

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Why Should You Attend? We Are Losing A Lot Of Money! It's Time to Stop Losing and Start Winning!

TSXV Index Since Inception

Figure 1 - TSXV Index Since Inception (CNW Group/Save Canadian Mining)

The TSXV is trading at all time non-pandemic lows despite robust commodity markets.

This is not a normal cyclical market cycle. This is very different. World leaders are finally recognizing the real root of the crisis. On Nov 5th South Korea banned short selling. Their leadership cited concerns about increasing market volatility and illegal short-selling practices undermining market stability.

This follows the September 29th ruling in Harrington Global Opportunity Fund Ltd. V CIBC World Markets Inc et al. As a result, Broker-Dealers can be held primarily liable for failing to fulfill their "Gatekeeping Responsibilities" of monitoring their client's trading actions. This case about spoofing and abusive naked short selling is reverberating in brokerage compliance offices around the world.

The world is changing and now is the time for Canadian markets to deal with this problem. A problem that is costing Canadian investors billions of dollars!

The Math

From our Save Canadian Mining Research: 

  Divergence of TSXV Metals and Mining Index from Commodity Indexes

Figure 2 - Divergence of TSXV Metals and Mining Index from Commodity Indexes (CNW Group/Save Canadian Mining) 

CNW Group/Save Canadian Mining

(CNW Group/Save Canadian Mining) 

What Can We Do? Investors.

  • First, attend the session (or listen to the recording) to get educated and secure access to information about the problem.
  • Second, email or call the executives of companies you have invested in and urge them to attend and get educated.
  • Third, urge your companies to attend exclusive small round table CEO sessions with Save Canadian Mining head Terry Lynch on Black Friday and learn why now is the time to press the case and to save our industry.
  • Fourth, email or call your local provincial legislative member and demand that Government get their securities commissions to force regulator CIRO to audit the naked short problem going on in the mining sector (more specific details will be forthcoming during the event).
  • Fifth, post this event on social media with the hashtag #BlackFriday-SaveCanadianMining.

What Can We Do? Companies.

The Content

There will be two events. The main event and the exclusive CEO round tables.

Main Event - Black Friday Short Selling Emergency Session 
Update On Current Situation – Terry Lynch

  • TSXV State
  • South Korea Ban on Short Selling
  • Harrington Global v CIBC
  • Power Nickel

Investor Perspective- Eric Sprott 
Legal Perspective – Wes Christian 
Data Perspective – David Wenger 
Round Table 

Next Steps

  1. Time to get and stay active
  2. Time to demand change - enough with excuses
  3. Time to take legal action?

CEO Event

Mining CEOs are encouraged to contact Terry Lynch at terry@savecanadianmining.com to attend one of the six scheduled events. We would expect 5-10 per sessions. The sessions can be private zoom sessions or public its entirely up to the CEO. Our view is every CEO should be free to speak to his peers about their problems in this respect and to educate their shareholders.

The message in these sessions is not doom and gloom. It's time for a turn around. Time for our sector to shine. Time for our shareholders to be rewarded. We need to get loud and demand our political leaders wake up and force regulators to do their job or indeed change the regulatory system all together.

SOURCE Save Canadian Mining 

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