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Debt Slavery: Force-Feeding Us With Debt - Jeff Nielson

Debt Slavery: Force-Feeding Us With Debt - Jeff Nielson
By Jeff Nielson 4 years ago 6256 Views No comments

The term “debt slavery” is becoming familiar to readers, as it enters the lexicon of more and more commentators in the Alternative Media. The underlying premise behind this term is mere simple arithmetic. As our debts mount (individually and collectively); the economically oppressive impact of paying interest on this debt becomes more and more pernicious.

In our money-grubbing societies, the yoke of debt is just as strong as any chains of steel, and far more odious. Simply put, in the ever more-extreme divide between the two classes of our societies; those paying interest are the Slaves, and those collecting these massive/odious interest payments are the Slave Masters.

This economic reality would be intolerable, in any context. We supposedly did away with our own caste system, centuries ago, when we rid ourselves of our “kings” and “queens” – at least most of them. Furthermore, societies/systems that become ridiculously over-burdened with debt (such as ours) have historically “resolved” this situation in a simple and final manner: Debt Jubilee. One, large, financial eraser is pulled out, and by the time the erasing has been finished; the system has been scrubbed clean of odious debt.

Not only do we live in obvious two-tier systems, not only do our Traitor Governments refuse to invoke the sanity and liberty of Debt Jubilee, but we live under a far more despicable reality. We are being literally force-fed with debt, by the banking crime syndicate which readers now know as the One Bank, as it seeks to financially enslave us all.

We are being force-fed with debt at the individual level. We are being force-fed with debt at the collective/national level. For those readers who have not been paying close enough attention; this is how it is being done.

At the national level; the One Bank is now literally and directly forcing the puppet governments of once-sovereign Western nations to take on more billions (and trillions) of debt. The current example in the spotlight is Greece.

Greece is bankrupt. Everyone knows this. What are the demands of the One Bank as conveyed through its servants, the “Troika”? It demands that this bankrupt nation agree to take on much more debt. Sadly, other commentators have failed to point out the obvious insanity and criminality at work here.

In the world of legitimate commerce (a world which no longer exists?); no creditor would ever attempt to force a bankrupt debtor to take on more debt. Indeed, in the sane world of legitimate commerce; all creditors would behave in an entirely opposite manner.

They would immediately cut-off any/all further credit to the bankrupt debtot. The specific reason for doing so is that the creditors would not want to put more of their own capital at risk. The general reason for cutting off credit is that there is absolutely no economic efficiency in piling more debt onto an insolvent entity. It’s like watching a mule struggle to attempt to pull a very heavy wagon, and then attaching a second wagon for the mule to pull, as well (and then blaming the mule for pulling the wagons too slowly).

Contrast this with the insanity and criminality of the Troika and the One Bank, lurking behind them. Why are they behaving in an entirely opposite manner to any legitimate creditors? Because they are not “legitimate creditors”.

For legitimate creditors, the foremost priority is preservation of capital – their capital. For this reason; not only do legitimate creditors refuse further debt to any bankrupt entity, they almost always offer to reduce those debts. Why? Because reducing the debts to a sustainable level preserves some/most of the capital of the legitimate creditor, rather than risking all of it, via an uncontrolled bankruptcy (i.e. debt default).

The One Bank is an illegitimate creditor, in every sense of the term. To begin with, the $10’s of trillions in bond-debt “IOU’s” being held by this financial crime syndicate are all tainted with fraud, and thus (legally) null-and-void. Beyond this; we have the obvious illegitimate intent of this crime syndicate. Unlike any/every legitimate creditor; it shows no concern at all with respect to preserving its own capital. Rather, its sole priority (as Debt Slave Master) is to continue to bury these nations under more and more and more debt.

Why has “the Greek crisis” dragged on for months? Because unlike the corrupt, puppet governments of the rest of the Western bloc; when the One Bank demanded that Greece agree to its next, punitive installment of debt, Greece’s new honest/legitimate government had the audacity to say “no”.

For the past 6 ½ years (since the Crash of ’08), not only have the rest of these puppet governments knuckled-under to the One Bank’s demands of more and more debt; these Traitors even allow the banksters to refer to this national, force-feeding of debt as “a bail-out”. In the insanity of our Wonderland Matrix; the “solution” to insolvency is more debt.

Why is the One Bank forcing these governments to allow themselves to be buried under ever more-ridiculous mountains of debt? Why isn’t it worried about losing its own capital, since as a matter of simple arithmetic; these nations must implode into formal bankruptcy under the sheer weight of these ever more-unsustainable debts?

Dealing with the second question first; this funny-money (i.e. our paper currencies) is already worthless, and the One Bank has free access to this debauched paper in literally infinite amounts. It could lose every penny of these $trillions in bond debts, and simply yawn. Through the “0% loans” it extracts from its friends/servants, the central banks, and the fraud of “fractional-reserve lending”; the One Bank could instantly conjure-up twice as many $trillions to replace what it lost.

It loses nothing when these governments inevitably default. Meanwhile, every penny of debt piled atop these criminal regimes tightens the One Bank’s financial choke-hold on these corrupt governments. However; its force-feeding of debt to us at the individual level is even more-despicable, and if possible more corrupt.

At the national level; the One Bank force-feeds us with debt through doing nothing more than telling our puppet politicians to agree to more debt, and then watching as these treasonous cowards comply. At the individual level; we are being forced to transform ourselves from Savers to Borrowers.

This economic rape starts with the “0% interest” (i.e. no interest) on our savings. Then we add-in double-digit inflation (the inflation rate in the real world). The differential between what we lose every day (and every minute) to inflation and fail to recover via interest on our savings is the speed with which the One Bank is stealing those savings. But it’s also the level of incentive to force us to become Borrowers.

Let the banksters steal your savings at a double-digit rate, or become a Borrower, and for the moment pay below-market rates on those loans? Fewer and fewer members of our society can resist the allure (and enslavement) of going from being savers to debtors. For those on the lower rungs of the economic ladder, however; there is no choice.

For the Working Poor; they are forced to grudgingly take on more debt, because their (literal) “slave wages” are no longer sufficient to cover the basic expenses of food, clothing and shelter. These people are not fat-and-happy politicians, living “high on the hog” as they betray their own populations by burying them deeper and deeper in debt. These people are pure Victims.

For those seeking some alternative – any alternative – to avoid relinquishing their economic liberty and becoming Debt Slaves; the One Bank offers us one, other choice. We can “invest” our precious savings in the bankers’ markets (i.e. gamble with those savings), and hope that the winnings from our gambling outpace the theft of our wealth via inflation.

The problem with that strategy? What the bankers and the corrupt media call “markets” are totally rigged, and utterly lawless casinos. The One Bank marches the markets up; the One Bank marches the markets down; collectively, like one, gigantic, synchronized yo-yo. Real markets cannot possibly move in that manner, not even for a single week, let alone month after month, year after year.

The One Bank’s tool for perpetrating this absolute-and-complete rigging and perversion of all our markets is its Pied Piper computerized trading algorithms, what the mainstream media naively/corruptly calls “HFT trading”. Jack had better odds when he traded his cow for “magic beans” than we have if we attempt to gamble in the One Bank’s corrupt casinos.

Try to save your wealth (in the form of paper), and the One Bank will steal it all. Try to invest/gamble with your wealth in the banksters’ rigged “markets”, and the One Bank will steal it even faster.

All paths lead to Debt Slavery. Well…not quite. If we convert the wealth we have stored in rapidly-depreciating (worthless) paper currencies into gold and/or silver, we acquire immunity to the One Bank’s theft-via-inflation. Thus we have no need to attempt to gamble with our wealth/savings in the One Bank’s criminalized casinos.

For the moment; the One Bank relies upon mere lies and price-suppression to deter the Little People from their one path to financial salvation. However, as the malicious theft-of-wealth by the One Bank continues to intensify, the Little People will soon be left with no other option but to seek sanctuary in humanity’s oldest and surest safe haven.

When that day arrives; we can be sure that the One Bank will endeavour to steal our gold and silver, too.

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