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Eric Dubin: Buying Into A Collective Economic Delusion - Rory Hall (14/12/2017)

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December 14, 2017

The people in charge of the financial and economic systems in the Western world have been able to stave off the Greater Depression for close to a decade. As we report everyday of our existence the system has been showing very severe cracks and dealing with mini implosions over the past several years. We stand-guard every single day for the inevitable transition that must occur. For today, the paper charade, lawlessness and corruption continue to work, but for how much longer will this system be allowed to survive?

I sat down with Eric Dubin to get a glimpse of what he sees as our economy continues to morph into something almost unrecognizable.

I thought it was going to blow this year [2017] For 4-5 years, now, I have been thinking 2017 would the year where the stresses would be too great. The very act of what we have seen that has created the ability for the powers that be to maintain the system and the house of cards that exist today has been a level of credit creation that is absolutely mind boggling. $300 billion per month, at times, through various ways has been pumped into world financial systems. ~Eric Dubin, The Daily Coin

We see other nations building out the necessary infrastructure to move away from the current world reserve currency global trade system. We also see a renegade, Venezuela, step in and shout from the roof tops their nation will leave the world reserve currency system and create a new commodities backed digital currency. If Venezuela actually pulls this off makes it happen – I’m not even sure what type of backlash this would cause. It would certainly have a huge impact on the global currency market and it could possibly be the spark to create global war. Eric offers his insight to this situation and it may be one of the best scenarios to play out for both Russia and China. This would be the distraction needed for China and Russia to put their few remaining pieces of the puzzle in place to take the next step(s) in rolling out a new global trade settlement system.

These various threats to global trade settlement we see arising from governments are the exact same threats we see coming from the citizens, people, around the world. Governments like the nations that form the BRICS, SCO, BRI and EAEU are all putting into place a new system. We also see the people rising up and making their voices heard in the same manner – enter bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market. We are not endorsing or saying that cryptos are going to “save us from the bankers” what we are saying is people around the world are now ready to experiment with just about anything that is not tied to a bank owned, government issued fiat currency and are willing to forge their own future. Are cryptos currency? According to Overstock.com and a growing number of companies around the world, bitcoin is in fact currency.

This is a really great show with just enough time for Eric and I to really dig into these topics without taking up too much of your valuable time. We’re glad you pushed play and hope you laugh a little as you learn a little something.

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