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Golden Rays and Silver Linings

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January 31, 2018

We firmly believe, and have stated a number of times, that gold and silver are the only assets that have the fortitude to stand up to corrupt governments and zombie banks. These two assets, throughout history, have over and over and over again helped the people to gain wealth, to prosper and to truly innovate new technologies. What has happened over the past 100+ years is our wealth, innovation and sovereignty have been slowly stripped away.

Central banks are secretly trading all futures markets to control prices, this simply can not be reported. We would have to give up the pretense of free markets people would have to acknowledge – “No, we don’t have free markets!” we basically have a totalitarian system that is very carefully disguised. ~Chris Powell, The Daily Coin

The good news is it seems to be changing.

Liberty and truth made an appearance over this past week in two different ways. First, we had people arrested for rigging the precious metals markets and then we had the President stand up to a bunch of bullies in Congress attempting to keep the truth hidden from the American people. Truth that some members of Congress insisted did not exist in the first place. Some of what has been hidden is beginning to be revealed.

We have a very long way to go to overturn and correct the damage of more than 100 years of Federal Reserve manipulation, but this past week, those of us fighting the good fight received a much needed ray of sunshine that illuminated a silver lining surrounding the dark cloud that has been hanging over our nation for far too long.

I sat down with Chris Powell, Secretary Treasurer, GATA, to follow up on the arrest of 6 bank employees convicted of rigging the precious metals markets, how GATA see gold and silver returning to the monetary system and what all these new gold backed cryptocurrencies mean for the monetary system. The market rigging criminals were employed by three of the worlds biggest banks, HSBC, Deutsche Bank and UBS. In order for government to get out of market rigging we need not return to a traditional gold standard, but allow gold and silver to return to the monetary system of their own free will. Chris, along with Bill Still, believe this would naturally happen if governments were to get out of the way. The development of new fintech like gold backed cryptocurrencies may help to foster such an environment. Time will tell and we shall see if governments are willing to hand over their true source of power – control of the currency.


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