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February 17, 2016

As honest holders of precious metals, our natural reaction when we see prices surging higher is encouragement, and reassurance that we are finally witnessing some move toward sanity with respect to these absurdly under-priced, monetary metals. However, as is often the case in the Wonderland Matrix , looks can be deceiving.

For the last few years, readers have been told that there was essentially no point in following prices in such manipulated markets, as gold and silver would never be allowed to rise in price ( Fed Fraud and Hostage Markets ) over the foreseeable future. We later explained to readers that the reason for these “hostage markets” was because our paper currencies were hyper-inflated to worthlessness, and the banking crime syndicate was now “phobic” about ever allowing gold and silver to reflect this worthlessness via any significant rise in price. Why Precious Metals Prices Can Never Rise :

All that prevents our modern episode of “Tulipmania” from reaching its inevitable ending is for the Average Person to realize that all of these paper currencies are worthless. It is this realization which has been the trigger for nearly all previous hyperinflation episodes in history…

Geopolitical risk is totally irrelevant. Supply/demand fundamentals are totally irrelevant. Nothing counts except the fact that our economies are using totally worthless banker-paper as “currency.” As the architect of this worthlessness, no one is more aware of this reality than the One Bank itself.

Because of this one, absolutely dominant reality, the banking crime syndicate is now phobic about allowing gold and silver prices to ever even begin to reflect this worthlessness by even beginning to adjust to more-rational levels. With their primary (monetary) roles as “barometers” of inflation, the One Bank is now obsessed with never allowing gold/silver prices to begin to shine a light on its own hyperinflation of our currencies.

Given this context, what are we to make of the fact that the price of gold just recorded its largest one-day gain since 2014? It’s an obvious set-up. The reasoning behind such an assertion is built atop several factors:

1) We have seen no indication that the financial crime syndicate has “lost control” of these markets, and for more than 4 ½ years, these banking criminals have shown they can move prices to (virtually) any number, any time they want.

2) There has certainly been no change in bankers’ motives for suppressing gold and silver prices. Indeed, the intensity of these motivations grows by the day, commensurate with the level of fraud in our monetary system.

3) We already know we will be seeing a general (orchestrated) crash in our markets, almost certainly at some time between April and June. There is zero possibility that precious metals markets will be excluded from this manufactured crash.

With respect to factor (1), we have no reason to believe that the bankers have lost the capacity to hold down these prices. We have now seen these markets grinding lower for nearly five solid years, when gold and silver were still radically underpriced and this long-term episode of price suppression began.

More specifically, it was recently established that the silver market has been in a continual state of supply deficit for thirty consecutive years. Every year that such extreme manipulation/suppression continues, it should be increasingly difficult for the Big Banks to simply prevent prices from exploding higher. Instead, we have recently seen the price of silver taken to multi-year lows, in a seemingly effortless manner. We can thus only conclude that prices are currently being allowed to rise.

Regarding factor (2), it is not only the level of fraud in these gold and silver markets which grows larger by the year. The magnitude of fraud in our monetary system and financial system is also soaring higher, at a geometric rate, if not an exponential one . With much more fraud and crime to cover-up (via precious metals price suppression), this must reflect an increased motivation to cover-up such crime.

As for factor (3), regular readers are very familiar with a theme in these commentaries. The One Bank has now established a regular pattern of (approximate) eight-year, bubble-and-crash cycles, roughly synchronized with the U.S. election cycle. The last crash was in ’08. Not only does this strongly suggest we will see a Next Crash in 2016 , but we are now seeing tell-tale signs of an impending crash all around us.

Putting this all together, we have a financial crime syndicate which has been continuously grinding gold and silver markets lower for the past five years, and during this time it has demonstrated near-complete omnipotence in suppressing these markets. This financial crime syndicate has an enormous (and growing) motive to suppress these markets in order to help hide their other, enormous financial frauds.

However, we now see this financial crime syndicate allowing prices to rise (or even marching prices higher themselves), despite the fact that we know these criminals already plan to crash all of our markets in just a few months’ (or weeks’) time. Armed with this more complete perspective, the strategy of this crime syndicate should be clear to readers.

Gold and silver prices are currently being marched higher so that the banksters can create a better (i.e. bigger) crash in this sector, at the same time that they are crashing virtually all other sectors and all other economies around the world. They are doing this because it is especially important to these financial criminals that gold and silver not appear to be safe havens, at precisely the time that they are creating a general panic in our populations.

To support this line of reasoning, we need merely refer back to the end of the last bubble-and-crash cycle: the Crash of ’08. What did we see then? We saw the price of gold taken down roughly 30% from its immediate, pre-crash high, and we saw the price of silver being taken down by roughly 60%. The reason why the banking crime syndicate crashed the gold and silver markets especially fast and hard in 2008 is precisely the same reason they will do so again, this year.

Then we have Goldman Sachs. While most other analysts are revising their forecasts for gold and silver higher, this Big Bank steadfastly maintaining its “call” for $1,000/oz gold, as its 12-month target. Does this tentacle of the One Bank “know something” that no one else knows, such as the ending of the Script?

When the One Bank starts its next panic, the last thing it wants to do is to provide its victims with any obvious “safe haven” toward which they can flee. Indeed, just like in 2008, when the criminals were detonating their paper markets, they simultaneously had corporate media broadcast that the only supposed safe haven was their own paper – specifically, the obviously worthless U.S. dollar.

Part of the reason why these financial manipulators take such joy in creating panics is because (by definition), these events short-circuit the reasoning capacity of their shell-shocked victims. For thousands of years, precious metals have been humanity’s premier safe haven , in any and all scenarios of economic crisis. However, push down the paper prices of these instruments of wealth preservation during a panic, and frightened market sheep will shun those safe havens.

History, and even rationality, goes out the window. For thousands of years, gold and silver have perfectly preserved the wealth of their holders. In just one century, the U.S. dollar has lost virtually all of its value. Yet in the Wonderland Matrix , and especially during any time of panic, the debauched dollar is a safe haven, while gold is a “barbarous relic,” and silver is merely an “industrial metal.”

Note the other, obvious reason for the One Bank to crash precious metals markets during a time of crisis: to create an instant supply bottleneck. During the Crash of ’08, there was no silver available for sale from the retail supply chain, except the largest of the silver bars.

This time, eight years later (and eight more years of supply deficits), we expect the supply shortage of silver to become at least as desperate. We could also easily see shortages of smaller denomination bullion products in the gold market. Victims cannot flee into an asset class if they cannot obtain any of that asset.

The best preparation for any crisis is foresight. We know what is coming: a deliberately manufactured crash and panic in our markets (and economies). We know what will almost certainly happen during this panic: gold and silver prices will be torpedoed, causing supplies to rapidly dry up.

We also know what will happen after this manufactured crash – the price which the banksters will be forced to pay for their even more vicious and more extreme suppression of precious metals markets. We will see another, explosive rally in this sector.

Furthermore, the price suppression of gold and silver has been much more extreme in the years prior to the Crash of ’16 than it was in the years prior to the Crash of ’08. Even without factoring in additional depletion of inventories, we would expect the Rally of ’17 to exceed the Rally of ’09.

This makes the path of the rational investor clear. If we plan to do any more bullion-buying to prepare ourselves for the imminent crash and panic ahead, we must do so now. When that crash/panic occurs, we can simply tune out the general hysteria, since we are already forewarned and prepared. When the crash/panic ends, we will reap the rewards of our planning.

Sleep well!

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February 17, 2016 at 4:47 PM
Ok. I have been following your blogs as well as Sprott's ideas as well for quite a while now. I'm am just a bit confused. I understand, as you stated there are no real markets, and there is another crash being manufactured. So, they are intentionally allowing gold and silver to rally, simply so that they can crash it again? This begs the question: why own physical gold and silver if the metals will simply just crash after another rally? If there is no hope, then shouldn't we be conforming and frantically buying goldman sach's shares after the deliberate crash happens? This - I do not understand.
March 14, 2016 at 1:18 PM
you must not have read the end of the article....
July 23, 2016 at 9:43 AM
What would you recommend to someone who bought a large position in gold at the top of this rally a few weeks ago? Would it be better to sell at a slight loss now and wait till the giant wave crashes down, and buy back in at low tide?