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The Great Taking Book

the cover of the great taking book

Investing in precious metals such as gold and silver is often seen as a prudent strategy during economic turmoil or the potential failure of fiat currency. These metals serve as a store of value, historically maintaining their worth over time. As a hedge against inflation, gold and silver can protect against the erosion of purchasing power experienced with fiat currencies. Considered a form of financial insurance, they provide stability in times of economic crisis and currency devaluation.

Including precious metals in an investment portfolio adds diversification, spreading risk across different asset classes. Gold and silver are also liquid assets, easily bought or sold on the open market, offering flexibility to investors. Their universal value and global acceptance make them resilient in situations where trust in a particular currency diminishes. 

"There has been abundant evidence of great evil at work in the world, throughout time and in our present time. Do you really wish to be ignorant of its existence and operation?" - David Rogers Webb. Download his book "The Great Taking" or watch the documentary today!


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