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The Real “New World Order” Is Coming To Life - Rory Hall (1/11/2017)

The Real “New World Order” Is Coming To Life - Rory Hall (1/11/2017)
By Rory Hall 3 years ago 64229 Views 8 comments

November 1, 2017

If you want to see what is going to change the lives of your children and grandchildren, look no further than the map published below. This is WHERE the future will be, regardless of the naysayers. The Belt and Road Initiative is going to transform the world and, once this project is 25-30% complete – within the next 5-7 years – the impact will be felt globally.

Natural resources will be funneled into the Eastern countries, or they will simply never leave from the country they mined or extracted. Global employees will disappear from Western market places as their services will be needed in the East and so it will go right down the line. Buckle up kids, as we are going to be faced with a very bumpy ride unless the criminal scum holding onto yesterday suddenly have their “come to Jesus” moment and realize they are outside looking in.

As reported by ZeroHedge

Dear Mustafa,

I arrived in Karachi at 5.30am this morning on the direct PIA flight from Heathrow. The city of 26 million people had not yet woken up and I made it to the Sind Club in under 20 minutes. But as I write this now I can hear the horn-filled throb of city life on all four sides of the Club walls; this city pulsates with growth.

If you click on the map I attach here you will see one of the main reasons – the Chinese Economic Corridors – otherwise know as ‘One Belt…One Road’. Pakistan lies directly on one of these routes, but look at this map carefully as it will change our world and world order, wherever we live.

Let's look at some facts on ‘One Belt…One Road’:
  • It connects 65 countries and 4.4 billion people.
  • In 2016 Chinese companies signed 8,158 contracts in 61 countries worth $150b.
  • In 2016 China’s trade with the One Belt…One Road countries reached $953b.
Over the next 10 years, China will spend $2 trillion on ‘One Belt…One Road’ infrastructure, and, more amazingly, they are not asking the investee countries and corporates to pay it back ; 80% of the money spent will be a perpetual bond, with only the interest needed to be paid. The principal is never returned.

What is also very clear from the map is that China has no interest in controlling the seas. In fact they have taken a conscious decision to bypass the seas, to bypass the 7th, 8th and 9th US fleets that currently ring the Eurasian landmass. The US navy can sail the oceans to their heart’s content, the action is now on land. And to that end the first test train from China arrived directly in London in July this year; it took 20 days less than by sea. This is all pretty revolutionary stuff.

China is attempting ‘the project of the century.’

And as I am served a cool lemonade at the Club, a final remnant of the British empire, it is another empire – the American empire – that may be taking its last few sips of leadership.

See you in London next week.


No since in acting like this is not happening or that China is going to run out funds or somehow not be able to complete this project – you would be 100% wrong in that assessment. The Belt and Road Initiative is going to place China back at the head of the global economy; exactly where she was until the West all but destroyed the nation with the opium wars beginning in the early part of the 1800’s. China, up until that time, was the worlds only super-power and the worlds largest economy. China occupied these positions before these positions were measured/known – she just was and the world knew it. The day for her to reclaim the throne is coming, what it will mean for the rest of the world, at this time. is unknown.

Rory Hall, Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Coin, has written over 700 articles and produced more than 200 videos about the precious metals market, economic and monetary policies as well as geopolitical events since 1987. His articles have been published by Zerohedge, SHTFPlan, Sprott Money, GoldSilver and Silver Doctors, SGTReport, just to name a few. Rory has contributed daily to SGTReport since 2012. He has interviewed experts such as Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, Dr. Marc Faber, Eric Sprott, Gerald Celente and Peter Schiff, to name but a few. Visit The Daily Coin website and The Daily Coin YouTube channels to enjoy original and some of the best economic, precious metals, geopolitical and preparedness news from around the world.

The author is not affiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by Sprott Money Ltd. The views and opinions expressed in this material are those of the author or guest speaker, are subject to change and may not necessarily reflect the opinions of Sprott Money Ltd. Sprott Money does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, timeliness and reliability of the information or any results from its use.

john doe 3 years ago at 12:34 PM
wrong about china being the world's biggest economy up to opium wars. India was the biggest and richest. Continued as richest until about 1900. And it mayl be again. Just look at the demographics. Your field of vision is narrow. get new glasses
JP 3 years ago at 4:57 PM
At this time, India was not a unified country. It was a civilization.
By the same way of accounting, how about the Islamic or the Christian World versus India?
R. Frank 3 years ago at 5:18 PM
The Chinese are very aware of this....That is why the road is going through Pakistan and NOT India. This will put Muslims over the economics of India.
jodi newton 3 years ago at 4:24 PM
Here we go again, China cannot control the world economy because they use a DEPRECIATING yuan backed by NOTHING. China cannot compete without devaluating. Once the US adjusts it taxes on imports China will be screwed. Trump is a one term President and Xi s bribery will come out. If BTC or other coins become the norm, China will implode suddenly. We MUST stop all trade with countries that use SLAVE labor, China, India, Pakistan.
stephen orchard 3 years ago at 5:01 PM
uninformed ...wasting our time jodi.... yuan exchange place open Jan 1, 2018.......will honor pledge to back currency with gold..... nuff said...
Thomas R Kauser 3 years ago at 12:21 PM
Its still twenty days to London whether slaves or gold twenty days?
Joseph E Fasciani 3 years ago at 4:15 PM
Thank you Stephen for your insightful & true comment. Napoleon remarked early in the 19th c. that "China is a sleeping giant; let her sleep. If ever she awakens all the world will tremble." He knew from reading history and his own astute observations that such a vast pool of skilled labour, when combined w/China's immense resources on land and the coastal seas, would make her mighty indeed. China, however, like Imperial Rome, was adverse to marine imperialism: it wasn't greatly interested in that direction, but it did very well when it finally did sail the wide seas. We now know about 1400 CE it created the Great Fleet and under Admiral Zheng He it appears to have landed at present day Sri Lanka and various points in Africa, a truly remarkable feat before magnetic compass and modern mapping! It still isn't much into marine imperialism, if one observes apart from US propaganda and Japan's bombast. (http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/ngm/0507/feature2/index.html)
Thomas R Kauser 3 years ago at 12:25 PM
Only interest needs being paid on a 2 trillion dollar bond , maybe China target of and not next superpower? I take Bonn , Germany but still am in minority!

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