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Gold and Blockchain Technology

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August 24, 2017

Most people reading this are well aware of the fact that China and Russia have been acquiring gold for the past several years. Russia just added another 12.44 tons, in July 2017, to their continually growing gold hoard. China, on the other hand, has not added a single ounce of gold to their “official” gold hoard since October 2016. China, instead, has been adding gold mines to their increasing resources hoard. Why add a few tons each month to your gold hoard when you can acquire productive gold mines, tie these investments in gold mines to the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE) and not have to report which account the gold is placed – official or unofficial?

China has set up its largest gold-investment fund ever, expected to total 100 billion yuan ($16 billion), aiming to invest in mining projects in the region and enhance Chinese influence in global gold markets, local media reports said Wednesday.

The “Silk Road Gold Fund” — led by the Shanghai Gold Exchange and others — is reportedly focused on investing in gold projects as part of China’s “New Silk Road” push to deepen economic ties with other countries in the region, particularly those along the ancient Silk Road trade route linking Eastern and Western Asia. In fact, the fund’s founding late last week took place in Xi’an, the historic starting point of the Silk Road. Source

It is also been recently reported that China and Russia are in the process of tying the Moscow Gold Market to the SGE for the purpose of linking the two nations together to make trade using gold much easier, while at the same being able to trade using gold with the other BRICS nations, thereby, completely bypassing the use of the Federal Reserve Note for trade settlement.

BRICS countries are large economies with large reserves of gold and an impressive volume of production and consumption of this precious metal. In China, the gold trade is conducted in Shanghai, in Russia it is in Moscow. Our idea is to create a link between the two cities in order to increase trade between the two markets.

Future plans to facilitate transactions between Moscow and Beijing in gold would certainly explain why the two countries are leading gold producers and buyers.

Creating a BRICS “gold marketplace” would be an excellent way of bypassing the dollar while also using a “currency” that could be easily recycled for trade with other member nations. Source

All this gold moving into a variety of markets, and unofficial Chinese accounts, gets almost zero coverage, as does the Belt and Road Initiative, by the Western mainstream media. These massive changes to the global economy and global monetary system should be of great importance to anyone wishing to capture a glimpse of how future markets may be impacted. The majority of reporting focuses on how “China’s economy is about crash and burn”. If this is the Western mainstream media’s main talking point why wouldn’t this be a contrarian indicator since the Western mainstream media has an excellent track record of reporting the exact opposite of the truth? Does China’s economy have problems? Absolutely. However, China is also the world’s largest creditor nation which means that countries around the world believe China has the economic fortitude to help their local economy. Somebody believes China’s economy is doing just fine.

If we turn to the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) we find an infrastructure project 11 times greater than the Marshall Plan. We see airports, seaports, highways, water systems and high-speed rail lines, along with all the supporting structuring being fully developed. My argument for a number of years has been, yes, China is generating enormous debt, but at the end of the day China will have tangible items that produce prosperity, not only for China, but a massive geopolitical base from Beijing to London to North Africa and India. Through the BRICS alliance the BRI will move into South Africa and South America. To ignore this program is to ignore the largest project in human history. Gold is being discussed as payment along the Belt and Road Initiative.

We recently reported that gold was flying off the retail shelves in China and one of China’s largest gold operations was reporting a 10% increase within China’s retail gold market. What impact does this 10% increase translate to the actual overall savings/wealth preservation of the Chinese people? According to US Bureau of Economic Analysis via Trading Economics, zero impact. I wonder if gold is accounted for in “personal savings” in the USBEA report.

We also know that cryptocurrencies are making a lot of noise in the Asia markets. Primarily as a way of “hiding” funds. These funds will re-enter the market, primarily in the same form as they were “hidden” – via the local fiat currency, be it yuan, Thailand baht, Korean won or whatever it was before it went underground. My guess is, since these “currencies” are so new they are not counted in personal savings and probably not truly counted as a currency. If they were a currency laws around the world would have to be rewritten and, to date, only Japan and Australia recognize bitcoin, and no other cryptocurrency, as a currency. The U.S. is debating a new law to combat digital currency and, from what I have read of the legislation, it is not very friendly towards these new currencies being born everyday.

The power base of the American oligarchs is centered in the Federal Reserve Note. The oligarchs will not simply roll over and submit to their power being stripped away and their control mechanism being crushed.

It appears that carrying your digital currency wallet on a thumb drive or simply memorizing your wallet password will not do the trick. According to the legislation being proposed in Senate Bill – S.1241 in Section 13:

Subsection A
“(7) ‘prepaid access device’ means an electronic device or vehicle, such as a card, plate, code, number, electronic serial number, mobile identification number, personal identification number, or other instrument, that provides a portal to funds or the value of funds that have been paid in advance and can be retrievable and transferable at some point in the future.”. Source

This power base will, possibly, be maintained through new technologies that have already surfaced. Quantum computing, combined with regional nodes and international “super-nodes”. A node is simply another way of describing a computer. The computer/phone/tablet providing you access to the internet is another type of node. Regional and international nodes are a big deal for the computing power and digital gates that are part of their architecture. These nodes are completely different and provide routing services for most, if not all, internet traffic on a global basis. Can you see the potential for serious issues to arise from this type of government controlled system?

Adapt 2030 YouTuber has been conducting, what appears to be, serious research into these nodes, quantum computing and what is happening with the Chinese government in conjunction with cryptocurrencies and global monetary systems. If you remember SGTReport conducted an interview with James Corbett – CHINA: THE KEY TO THE NEW WORLD ORDERin which Corbett discussed, in great detail, how the Chinese oligarchs, government officials and economist were primarily educated in the Western halls of economic nonsense, like Princeton, Yale and Oxford in England. This is the same educational system that produced all the monetary, financial and economic problems we are wrestling with in the U.S., Europe and all the other nations tied to the Federal Reserve Note. These two points are not stand-alone situations they are absolutely tied together.

If China is working from the same “playbook” as the Western oligarchs this would mean they have a vested interest in seeing this system of fraud, theft and propaganda continue moving forward. The Chinese oligarchs, along with the Russian and American oligarchs are the ones making the decisions that impact our lives. It may be important to know this going into a digital system. The digital system that is currently being built, on a global scale, may not have our best interest at heart. This new digital system may see the citizens as nothing more than an ATM which are to be used for extracting our wealth through our labor. The same as we are seen today.

In part 2 of this series we are going to take a deep dive into quantum computing, super-nodes and what is happening with these extremely powerful computing technologies. I am not technology expert and will not even pretend to know the architecture of quantum computing or super-nodes. That will not be the focus. The focus will be on how these technologies are used and for what purpose. Are they in use today, if so, to what degree and if not, how will this new system unfold and the timelines involved.

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