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Gold Prices - World Gold Counsil Insights

World Gold Counsil Insights

The shift away from the gold standard and the establishment of a fiat money system, where currency is not backed by any physical assets but rather derives its value solely from the law of supply and demand, has made the money we use today vulnerable to various manipulations and abuses. This vulnerability becomes particularly evident during periods of heightened volatility in financial markets and various crises. All of this drives investors towards something that, regardless of current market conditions, will always retain its value - physical investment gold. These are the fundamental aspects that make investing in physical gold unique, advantageous, and secure.

  1. Gold is typically unaffected by local financial crises or politically motivated conflicts; instead, it often benefits from them. This is because during a crisis, there's no risk of bankruptcy (as with publicly traded companies), significant increases in supply (as with fiat currencies), or changes in ownership (such as real estate). All of this means that investing in gold is currently considered one of the safest ways to preserve wealth.
  2. Investing in gold is for everyone. A common stereotype about investing in this metal is that it requires significant capital, at least several thousand dollars. This isn't true anymore, as the dynamic development of the gold investment market has led producers to significantly expand their offerings, including products tailored to the needs of investors with limited funds or those seeking high liquidity. As a result, the gold investment market offers investors a plethora of opportunities - you can start investing in gold with as little as approximately $50. When investing small sums in gold, regularity is the key to success - regular expansion of assets in this metal can bring significant benefits in the future.
  3. Investing in gold doesn't require specialized knowledge, chart analysis, or constant investment monitoring. The basic principle of investing in gold is "buy and hold." This is especially important during periods of increased volatility in financial markets, which typically accompany various crises - the price of gold not only remains resilient to negative economic events but consistently rises, significantly reducing risks in the long run. You can monitor gold prices using our Charts as displayed below:


Price Charts


The gold market is undoubtedly one of the most globalized financial markets. The multi-billion-dollar daily turnover of gold and the large number of players operating in it mean that spreads (the difference between buying and selling prices) are minimal. Moreover, investments can be easily converted into world currency as needed. Considering the prospect of selling gold in the future, when making purchases, one should remember to choose gold products from mints recognized worldwide - purchasing coins and bars from manufacturers such as PAMP, Valcambi, and Perth Mint.

For all these reasons, gold is considered the best strategic financial backing, guaranteeing independence. Additionally, you can monitor gold prices on the World Gold Council website, ensuring informed investment decisions. On the platform you can find the following data on gold:

  • Frequency and Availability: Gold prices are provided across various frequencies (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually) and in multiple currencies since 1978. These include major trading, producer, and consumer currencies. Additionally, gold reference prices from the London Bullion Market Association and Shanghai Gold Exchange are available across different frequencies dating back to 2015 or earlier where possible.
  • Update Schedule: Prices are updated on a weekly basis.
  • Units: Unless otherwise specified, prices are quoted in currency units per troy ounce.

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