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The Fed’s “Four Horsemen” Unite - Jeff Nielson

The Fed’s “Four Horsemen” Unite - Jeff Nielson
By Jeff Nielson 4 years ago 200718 Views 7 comments

April 14, 2016

If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered…I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies…The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs.

- Thomas Jefferson, 1802

A private (central) bank does control the issue of U.S. currency: the Federal Reserve, as is the case with most of the nations of the world. These bankers do conspire to “first inflate” and “then deflate.” This is what regular readers know as our bubble-and-crash cycles , which now seem to occur in more-or-less fixed eight-year intervals.

The people are relentlessly being deprived of all property. The Middle Class is nearly extinct , having devolved into the Working Poor. Our children are literally “waking up homeless,” with millions of Homeless People now struggling to survive across North America.

Should we regard Thomas Jefferson as a prophet, or simply as a sober individual engaging in logical extrapolation? History strongly suggests the latter interpretation, via a “warning” of an entirely different nature.

Give me control of a nation’s money, and I care not who makes its laws.

- Mayer Amschel Rothschild (1744 – 1812)

That is what the Rothschild patriarch boasted, but this is not what he really meant. Give me control of a nation’s money, and I make its laws. Control the purse strings of any government and you control the government.

Mayer Rothschild was a contemporary of Thomas Jefferson, and Jefferson was a scholar. He knew what this oligarch meant with his boast. He then took that boast and expanded it into the true horror that it represented.

Central banks exist to steal. Indeed, they have a literal “license to steal” via the power of the printing press. In this area, too, we have a famous source to offer us guidance.

In the absence of the gold standard, there is no way to protect savings from confiscation through inflation.

- Alan Greenspan , 1966

Central banks create inflation; it is virtually their sole function. The central bankers constantly whine that “inflation is too low,” i.e., they aren’t confiscating our savings (stealing our wealth) as fast as they would like. But first they instruct our subservient governments to lie about the rate of inflation so that the People are unaware of the rate at which their wealth is being stolen.

Central bankers steal out of the pockets of the people and funnel that stolen wealth into the vaults of the oligarchs who control these presses – oligarchs like the Rothschilds . In the approximate 100 years since the Federal Reserve was entrusted with managing and “protecting” the U.S. dollar, it has lost roughly 99% of its value through the Fed’s manufactured “inflation.”

This still needs to be translated for the benefit of some readers. In the century in which the Federal Reserve has controlled the U.S. printing press, 99% of all the wealth stored in the U.S. dollar has been stolen from the People and handed to the oligarchs, a financial crime syndicate which readers know as the One Bank .

Adding literal injury to insult, the oligarchs conned (commanded?) our puppet governments to borrow our own currencies from these corrupt central banks. Thus, while all the wealth of the People was being stolen via the paper fraud of central banks, our governments, and thus the People as well, have simultaneously been enslaved with debt .

With one hand, the central banks (and central bankers) steal all our wealth. With their other hand, they attach shackles of debt around our throats, all on behalf of their Masters. These central bankers are guilty of the worst economic crimes against humanity, except for the deeds of the banking oligarchs themselves.

Recently, the four worst Criminals were all trotted out on a single stage: Paul Volcker, Alan Greenspan, B.S. Bernanke, and Janet Yellen. Greenspan’s and Bernanke’s crimes are obvious. They are the Great Inflators. Undoubtedly, there will be many readers confused as to why Paul Volcker is listed as one of “the four worst Criminals.”

Incredibly, Paul Volcker’s crimes against humanity remain buried beneath ultra-thick layers of propaganda. It is Paul Volcker who now claims personal credit for the assassination of the gold standard. Without that dirty deed, the crimes of the Great Inflators would never have been possible. We know this because another of history’s Great Inflators (and charlatans), John Maynard Keynes, lamented that a gold standard is “the Golden Handcuffs” that prevent central bankers from such crimes of inflation.

Paul Volcker is the (modern) Father of Inflation. Even more incredibly, the central banker who gave birth to inflation is actually lionized by the media for his second crime against humanity: enslaving the Western world in debt. It is Paul Volcker who, at the orders of his true Masters, brought us 20% interest rates. Here readers need to fully comprehend the level of perversity in our Revisionist history.

Volcker is the Father of Inflation. Yet in our pseudo-history books, he’s labeled as the Knight That Slayed Inflation – permanently. He is (incorrectly) credited as having slain the dragon to which he gave birth. Even more absurd, the idea that inflation could be vanquished for any extended period of time, via Volcker’s usurious interest rates, is just more Revisionist nonsense.

Inflation is an inherent, inevitable trait of every fiat-currency printing press. It breeds inflation. The act of printing (unbacked) paper currency is the literal act of inflation: inflating the money supply.

It was never possible that Volcker’s usurious interest rate could vanquish inflation, but it did create something else: Debt Slavery. That crime against humanity has now nearly run its course, as most Western regimes are teetering on outright bankruptcy .

Understanding this second crime against humanity requires nothing more than the capacity to operate a calculator and an understanding of the concept of “compound interest.” To enslave the Western world in debt, it wasn’t necessary to impose Volcker’s usurious interest rate permanently, or even for a long period of time. It only needed to be imposed once for a significant interval, and then the magic of compound interest did the rest.

How did Ronald Reagan manage to triple the U.S. national debt in a mere eight years? He had help: Paul Volcker. How did Brian Mulroney manage to triple Canada’s national debt in a mere eight years (at roughly the same time)? He had help: Paul Volcker.

As Keynes also points out, the Golden Handcuffs also make the crime against humanity of Debt Slavery impossible, since a gold standard is a balance of payments system. Volcker’s first “love child” was inflation. His second was Debt Slavery. Arguably, Volcker is the worst of these Criminals.

Many readers will similarly wonder at Janet Yellen being included as one of the Horsemen. Volcker’s crimes have been described. Greenspan and Bernanke, as “the Great Inflators”, are also the Great Thieves – as explained by Greenspan himself.

Volcker, Greenspan, and Bernanke were the assassins who destroyed and looted the U.S. economy and most of the Western world along with it. Yellen is merely a pallbearer of the corpse. But Yellen’s crime is as the ultimate Silent Partner.

Volcker, Greenspan, and Bernanke navigated the U.S. Titanic to the point where a massive iceberg now looms directly ahead. But Yellen is the skipper commanding the U.S. economy to “stay the course.” It’s too late to avoid the iceberg created by Volcker, Greenspan and Bernanke. But if Yellen was warning of the danger directly ahead – instead of hiding it – there would be far more survivors once the Titanic sinks.

This brings us to the event itself. Why collect the Western world’s four worst economic criminals and four most heinous Liars and then put them on a single stage? Why else: to lie about the present .

One point they all agreed on: The U.S. isn’t in a bubble economy, despite dire warnings from presidential candidates and some pundits.

Put aside the fact that the mainstream propaganda machine is demonstrating the literacy skills of a 12-year-old, and focus instead on the absurdity of this message. Anyone who simply looks at a long-term chart of the S&P 500 or a long-term chart of the U.S. Treasuries market will see that both of those markets have already passed into extreme bubble territory.

The S&P 500 hasn’t merely equalled the insanity of the dot-com bubble and the Crash of ’08 bubble, it has soared well above those previous bubbles. The U.S. Treasuries market represents a bubble market which has been soaring higher, uninterrupted, for 35 years. These bubbles are more than merely obvious, they are absolutely undeniable.

Even more perversely, Alan Greenspan was the architect of the dot-com bubble (while pretending it didn’t exist, at the time). Bernanke is the architect of both the 2008 equities bubble and the current equities bubble – while pretending that neither of those bubbles existed. These are the two Liars who literally have less credibility than anyone else on the planet when it comes to identifying bubbles.

But why not trot them all out on stage? With a docile propaganda machine which never utters a contrary word when a Fed-head speaks, there was never a possibility that the Four Horsemen would be called to account for their crimes, or to have their bald-faced lies contradicted by the facts.

Together, the tenures of the four participants cover more than one-third of the Fed’s 102-year history.

In a sane, legitimate society, that would have been the first line of the indictment of the Four Horsemen for their collective crimes against humanity. Instead, the Corporate media intended it as praise. More perverse still was the headline which accompanied that propaganda:

4 Fed Leaders Under The Microscope

Yes. A microscope with no lenses.

Pestilence. War. Famine. Death. One could give these Four Horsemen any cute nicknames that they desire. But what the four Fed-heads all have in common is that they are destroyers. Just like all of the West’s other central bankers.

Jeff Nielson is co-founder and managing partner of Bullion Bulls Canada; a website which provides precious metals commentary, economic analysis, and mining information to readers/investors. Jeff originally came to the precious metals sector as an investor around the middle of last decade, but soon decided this was where he wanted to make the focus of his career. His website is www.bullionbullscanada.com.

The views and opinions expressed in this material are those of the author as of the publication date, are subject to change and may not necessarily reflect the opinions of Sprott Money Ltd. Sprott Money does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, timeliness and reliability of the information or any results from its use.

Nicolas 4 years ago at 8:29 PM
What does SPROTT think about the Bank of Canada imposing significant inflation on the Canadian populace with a debased loonie concerned about exports to the U.S. that grew .6 %.. Also what was the Agenda for the Canadian Gov. to sell its GOLD hoard in SPROTT'S opinion?
Jeff Nielson 4 years ago at 9:47 AM
Nicolas, I'm just a contributing writer to Sprott Money, not a Sprott employee, so I can't in any way speak for "Sprott".

Personally, I'm deeply dismayed at the (deliberate) destruction of the Canadian dollar, which dates back to the day that Stephen Harper appointed Mark Carney as governor of the Bank of Canada.

As for "selling Canada's gold", I think the REAL issue is why was Canada the only major Western nation to NEVER accumulate a large reserve of gold, in the first place?
BRF 4 years ago at 11:08 AM
Good article except that one major element of the Rothschild quote was misunderstood. The "give me control of a nations money...." applies equally to fiat, tally sticks or gold backed bank notes. The real nexus of the problem is who owns and controls the creation of money and for whose benefit? If we allow bankers to own the money supply and issue it as debt then the bankers interests will be primary no matter what form that money takes. If the people controled the issuing of money then their interests will be paramount no matter what form the money takes. The secret to having a stable world monetary and economic system is in who creates the money. Fiat could work just as well as a gold backed system and has if it is issued in the correct QUANTITIES, neither too little as deflationary or too much as inflationary eating value. Now I realize Mr. Neilson is in the business of selling PMs and under the present circumstances one should definitely hold some, as I do; but this fact does not in anyway affect that if our money supply is created by private for profit corporations called banks, in all their forms, that the population as a whole will become their debt slaves. The ONLY solution is for the people to create and issue money debt free and in the correct quantities if they ever wish money to be the servant of human kind rather than its master. Vested interests besides bankers would prefer that this never happens at that is the real problem, not whether money is backed by wooden sticks with carved notches to describe value or PMs. These same SOBs practiced the same types of criminal conduct under past gold standards as they do now under the present petro-fiat system. It all comes down to who creates our money, bankers and their entourage or the people?
Jeff Nielson 4 years ago at 12:31 PM
BRF, I will agree strongly with one half of your point, and disagree equally strongly (lol) with the other.

Yes, you are absolutely correct that if you allow a gold standard to be CONTROLLED by the oligarchs (via so-called "central banks") that it can/will be corrupted as well. However, you miss two important points with your argument.

1) The oligarchs cannot engage in their monetary perversions to nearly the same degree WITH a gold standard (i.e. the Golden Handcuffs) as without. We're talking about a difference of orders of magnitude: (mere) "corruption" versus what we have -- saturation criminality of every facet of our financial system.

2) ALL "fiat currency" systems are Ponzi-schemes, by their very nature. You can never have legitimate "money" by conjuring it out of thin air. And if you don't have a system of real MONEY (versus mere currency), the system will implode/explode (over time) via the monetary fraud known as "inflation".
birdie 4 years ago at 12:01 PM
Jeff, it is a sad comment that the insights of your article are simply not common knowledge. Where are the publicly financed professors of economics and finance to lead the public narrative about such a corrupt monetary system? They are hiding in their offices subservient to their corporate masters. If only one tenth of one percent of the population understands the inherent problems you correctly mention, the oligarchic architects just laugh at those of us that are justifiably outraged. Bernie Sanders is running a presidential campaign advocating taxing Wall Street speculation. How many people really understand what that means or entails? Further, this speculation is being funded with essentially zero percent interest rate money printed out of thin air fueling bubbles in every asset class. Not only does this have no societal value but it destroys savings, destroys purchasing power, feeds corruption, raises the cost of living for everyone, and exacerbates the debt enslavement. Obviously people really don't understand the consequences of the monetary system. Yes, many people may be awakening to a problem, but how can a financially illiterate society possibly know what the cure is? Trillions and trillions of dollars handed to Wall Street bankers and war profiteers for free, while 94 million unemployed Americans of working age are ignored and students wallow in generational debt. Jim Rickards now claims a secret deal has been reached to move to SDRs. Ask the average citizen what the acronym stands for or what the financial consequences of such a financial system would be. The responses would be frightening. Thanks for your succinct article. The real task, however, is to get enough people to appreciate it to provide enough political clout to demand real change. I find the official narrative around the JFK assassination almost laughable in lieu of what is at stake. Thanks again.
Jeff Nielson 4 years ago at 5:10 PM
Birdie, you raise an important point: the corruption of our educational institutions, and (specifically) the pseudo-science of economics. There is nothing but the Orthodoxy of Prostitutes being taught in so-called economics departments across the Western world.

Students get the REAL fundamentals taught to them in first and second year. Then their professors CONTRADICT all of the rational side of economic theory with the "more advanced" principles they teach in 3rd and 4th year -- pure, banker propaganda.

My secret shame when I finished my economic studies and moved onto law was that I "couldn't understand" how/why our fiat currencies had any value, and were accepted as payment for goods and services.

It wasn't until I obtained my SECOND education in economics, from people like John Embry and Eric Sprott that I reached enlightenment. The fiat currencies ARE worthless, and it was the university Prostitutes who had no idea of what they were talking about.

Yes, the JFK assassination was all about BANKERS, and Kennedy's plan to bring back an Honest Money monetary system, and thus neuter the banking crime syndicate. Gaddhafi tried to do the same thing in Libya, we saw what happened to him. Saddam Hussein tried to do the same thing in Iraq, we saw what happened to him.

P.S. Jim Rickards is a part of the Prostitution Establishment, so you should be very selective as to what parts of his presentation you choose to accept (if any).
Kathleen Smith 4 years ago at 3:40 PM
What about the IMF - when all FED, BOJ and ECB go bust - they will bring on the GLOBAL CENTRAL BANK to bail them out and then Americans will really see what there money is worth. Talk about debt slavery, these country is going to look like the real banana republic it is.

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