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Too-Big-To-Fail: A Nightmare Which Must End - Jeff Nielson

Too-Big-To-Fail: A Nightmare Which Must End - Jeff Nielson
By Jeff Nielson 5 years ago 5050 Views No comments

February 14, 2014

The Crash of ’08 was a paradigm-altering event. This contrived take-down of global markets, and the global economy itself had one immediate purpose: to hide the fact that the U.S. economy (and only the U.S. economy) was about to completely collapse – while most of the rest of the world was enjoying an economic boom.

However; that immediate purpose has ultimately been overshadowed by the two, enormous consequences of that crash. In that financial cataclysm initiated by the One Bank; we saw the end of Western solvency, as a result of the trillions of dollars/euros which this crime syndicate extorted from our governments at that time.

Perhaps even worse; we saw the beginning of the propaganda-victory (and economic nightmare) which the Corporate media has proclaimed “too big to fail”. For those who have been living on the Moon for the past six years; too-big-to-fail is a mantra and official Western economic policy where the survival of particular, financial institutions is deemed more important than anything – even the solvency of the governments handing-out this Corporate welfare to these Big Banks.

It is the pinnacle of parasitism: the belief (and policy) that the life of the Parasite(s) takes precedence over the life of the Host, itself. It is also unabashed blackmail: “Bail-out all of our bad gambling debts, or we will blow-up the global financial system.” Indeed, for those War on Terror enthusiasts; too-big-to-fail is nothing less than economic terrorism -- more economic terrorism from the One Bank.

But apart from the fact that too-big-to-fail is literally an existential threat to the economies of our nations, apart from the fact that it is simple blackmail/terrorism (by a cabal of gangsters); there is even a more fundamental reason why this abomination should have never become a reality.

There mere idea that any corporate entity could be “too big to fail” is entirely antithetical to all of the basic principles of our capitalist/free enterprise system, and the principles of economics, itself. Insolvent entities are supposed to fail. Such corporate mistakes not only represent malinvestment, but they tend to act as a “drag” on any economy until such entities are put out of their (and our) misery.

It is this purging process which restores health to sick economies. Japan refused to put-to-death its own, insolvent Financial Monsters; and more than a quarter century later, Japan’s economy continues to die its own death-by-a-thousand-cuts. In 2008; our corrupt/servile governments refused to put-to-death our Financial Monster(s), and these parasites have now blood-sucked (and hollowed-out) nearly all of the West’s economies.

Apart from the obvious, practical reasons why parasites of this nature must be exterminated immediately; the mere notion of “too big to fail” is utterly absurd from the standpoint of economic theory. As is taught to all students of economics (but apparently learned by virtually none of them); there is no economic abomination which is more perilous or revolting than a monopoly (or oligopoly).

Indeed, some of the oldest, strongest, and (previously) most strictly-enforced laws in Western nations have been our “anti-trust laws”: laws which are supposed to ensure that no monopoly or oligopoly ever comes into existence. And should such laws fail; all economic theory tells us that any such monopoly/oligopoly which does come into being must immediately be splintered into numerous (much smaller) pieces. Thus the moment that any of these Big Banks (or our Puppet Politicians, or the parrots of the mainstream media) tried to tell us that these “systemically important” corporations had supposedly become “too big to fail”; this was absolutely conclusive evidence that they had become too big to exist.

In any capitalist economic system; there are no “systemically important” corporations. In any capitalist system; corporations are merely disposable parts – cast aside when they cease to function properly. The only thing which is “important” is the System itself. And to preserve the health of the System; it is of paramount importance that we immediately put-to-death any blood-sucking, blackmailing oligopolies or monopolies which threaten the survival of that System.

“Too big to fail” should not (and cannot) be allowed to be used as a permanent insurance policy by corporations which have already proven they are not worthy of survival. Rather, the mere suggestion that any entity is too-big-to-fail can only mean a death sentence for that entity.

Incredibly; it appears that one person at the U.S. Federal Reserve (Jeffrey Lacker) has actually figured this out:

Calling too-big-to-fail banks “the most critical issue facing our financial system,” a top Federal Reserve official on Tuesday urged new laws to address the problem, including ending Fed emergency lending powers…

It’s hard to state the matter any more succinctly than that. Anyone understanding the arguments previously raised and explained (i.e. anyone who understands capitalism or economics) could reach no other possible conclusion. It’s simply a major disappointment that it took nearly six years before anyone in a position of authority/influence has finally stated the obvious.

The question then becomes: will anything actually come out of this clarion-call? Precious metals investors (in particular) are familiar with the disappointment of officials/regulators “calling for” dramatic changes to our terminally corrupt, Hostage Markets. At the CFTC; Commissioner Chilton has often pointed to the rampant crimes being committed in the silver market – and urged prompt/dramatic changes.

Nothing ever came out of any of this tough-talk. Rather; the CFTC proved that it was/is completely ignoring the views of one of its own Commissioners, when it published a pathetic piece of whitewash which it claimed was “a five year investigation” into silver-market corruption.

Is there anything which ordinary people can do to try to ensure that Lacker’s bold comments represent the beginning of change, and not a mere stalling-tactic to lull us back to sleep? Yes. Speak out. Obviously, for those resident in the U.S.; they should have already been doing this for the last six years.

Here in Canada; “too big to fail” is still just a theoretical concept for our own Banking Oligarchy. However; in planting “bail-in rules” in Canada’s current budget; Stephen Harper has made it clear that he can’t wait for the stealing to begin. There would have been no reason for Harper to have made such a move unless he placed the survival of Canada’s Big Banks ahead of the survival of the Canadian economy itself.

Tell Stephen Harper that you reject “too big to fail” blackmail here in Canada. Tell Stephen Harper (and/or your local representative) that you want the government to devote its time/efforts into passing laws to break-up this banking oligopoly – before it finishes plundering our economy – not passing laws to facilitate the financial rape of the Canadian people.

If officials South of the Border are starting to figure this out; then maybe there is hope for us North of the Border, too?


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