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Too Big To Jail: Governments and Banksters - Rory Hall (5/9/2017)

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September 5, 2017

Raise your hand if you would like to see the criminal, corrupt system of oligarchs operating in the U.S., Europe and other nations around the world brought to justice? For the record, I’m raising my hand – actually both hands.

Over the past two years we documented some of the nefarious banking gangs. like the Group of 30 and the secret meetings that are held at the Bank for International Settlement (BIS). The BIS is the “central bank of central banks” – in other words, the BIS dictates to all the Rothschild central banks around the world what policies and regulations will be implemented and the Group of 30 work directly with governments to influence legislation.

John Titus, Best Evidence, has produced some of the best evidence, on the planet, outlining the crimes of the banksters and their government enablers, detailing how it works, who is involved and the direct impact it has on each of our lives. Millions upon millions of people around the world are directly impacted by the crimes that Mr. Titus’ uncovered.

What about the Clintons, Debbie Wasserman and the Awan brothers? Has their been anything, anything at all, that has happened to bring about justice with this situation? Has there been an investigation? Will there be an investigation? If I were a betting man and this situation ever finds it’s way into a real court, with a real judge and an actual jury, the alleged crimes that could potentially be uncovered would change the world.

What about the fiat currencies circulating around the world, (you know, like the ones in your wallet/bank account) like the Federal Reserve Note, Euro, Yen, Yuan and Pound – where did they originate? What about the Franc having it’s gold backing status stripped and then pegged to the Euro? How did these instruments of debt find their way into YOUR wallet? Did the people vote these into being? Was there a committee with a subcommittee that listened to the people of the respective nations and then reported back to Congress/Parliament what the people wanted to use for currency?

The real question that should be addressed regarding cryptocurrencies and wether banks, and their government enablers, will confiscate, outlaw or regulate into oblivion is, what kind of government do you think, do you believe, do you know that you live under? That’s what it comes down to. All the other questions; all the technology; all the “decentralization”; the dark web; whatever flavor you choose – it doesn’t matter. At the end of the day what matters is how the banksters and government respond to any new technology, industry or uprising that comes into view. Cryptocurrencies are an uprising exactly the same as Occupy Wall St was a global uprising. The only difference is the crypto community is little more organized. If the focus on 1,000+ cryptos and hundreds of ICO’s remain the norm, the focus, exactly like OWS, will be just as splintered and disintegrate under it’s own weight and lack of focus. The banksters and government have a singular focus – “ crush the cryptos“.

This is to say nothing of the fact the top 1% own more bitcoins than the remaining 99% combined! Are these the same 1% that are in control now?

Chart courtesy blocklink.info – click to enlarge

Are there enough people to make a difference and create the change that is necessary, that can not be reached by the banksters or by government on every level? Is there enough people to create enough industry to support the community that is operating outside the government and banksters? Is there enough security to protect the people and industries that are operating outside the government and banksters? For me, this is the absolute bottom line and until there is a unified voice, a unified movement and unified goal, the banksters and government will continue moving forward with their plans. Their focus has not strayed; has yours?

It is well known to people that have even a rudimentary understanding of money and currency that gold and silver have been money longer than any other form of money in all of history. Gold has the ability to keep governments and banksters in check. Does a digital blip-on-a-screen wield this kind of power and authority? Does a digital blip-on-a-screen have the global acceptance, knowledge and support as gold and silver? Do governments, currently, hate gold and embrace cryptos? What about banksters? What about the mainstream media? These might be important road markers. What’s in your vault?

UPDATE – This is a YouTube comment from the video below – this is the first person to answer my question and detail the reason that I made this video in the first place – I am not alone in my insanity!!!

There is nothing more decentralized than holding precious metals or even cash in your own possession. It is completely off the grid. We all know how our currency was debased, against the Constitution, and how Rosevelt created an executive order to take precious metals from the people. Does that sound like a free nation? How about the more recent NDAA and the presidential executive order that during a national emergency, the president can claim all water, food, your house, your car and even your person to be placed in a labor camp according to your skills. THIS is what Rory is talking about. You call someone a fear mongerer because they see the pattern in history where our freedom is being undermined, and I see someone who refuses to acknowledge it. We have the answer. It’s our Constitution. The greatest document ever written in the world for a nation. It worked for many years and it still can if Americans will take the time to read it and keep putting pressure on our politicians to uphold it. I will keep doing exactly that until I no longer can. At least Utah has a completely constitutional gold and silver legal tender law where no other state is as extensive. But many states have eliminated their state sales tax on the purchase of precious metals, and it’s a start.

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