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Zio-Cons and Banksters

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July 20, 2017

This is an issue that hits your pocket book and you need to care about it. ~ Catherine Austin-Fitts

We write about pension funds a lot. The theft of our pensions and retirement savings is, not only, an ongoing situation, the “big one” is on the horizon and seems to be approaching the apex for millions upon millions of people. Some people say “ stay in the system and suck up all the free money floating around” while others warn G.O.T.S. (get out of the system) as quickly as possible. We are left to decide what is best for ourselves and to determine our individual risk/reward tolerance levels.

For those of us playing “connect-the-dots” for the past decade or more the writing is clearly on the wall. Beginning in 2008 there was a massive transfer of wealth, some say as much $27 TRILLION from all of us to the banks. Whatever the actual number is there was in fact a massive transfer of wealth from the people of this nation to a very tiny group of banksters.

For those of us approaching “retirement age”, not even sure what that means, we have seen several changes regarding pensions, social security and how our 401k/IRA’s are performing. While the stock markets continue on their steady rise to infinity, state pension funds are collapsing. Most of these state pension funds are tied to the bond market which has gone no where for close to a decade or longer.

A funny thing happened on the way to retirement for most people. On January 28, 2014 Obama introduced the world to MyRA. MyRA sounds friendly enough until you understand that it will be tied to the bond market. The federal government needs your retirement funds in order to continue operating, otherwise, the government will go “poof” in the night. The U.S. is the largest debtor nation in history and the tax base is dwindling. Other nations that have, in the past, acquired our debt are no longer supporting the out-of-control maniacs in Washington DC. Why would another country continue to support the blood-lust of the Pentagon and the warmongering department?

In 2008 the banks stole via the Treasury Department and Federal Reserve some $27 Trillion from the American people, but today, there is no funding to save Detroit or Illinois or any of the pension funds that are in serious trouble. Why is that?

If you remember what happened in Cyprus, in 2013, with the prolonged bank holiday followed immediately with depositor theft of up to 47% of ALL accounts within the banking system. This is part of the overall program as noted by Jeremy Stein, also in 2013, in an address to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) how this scenario would be used by the banking cabal for future banking theft.

Below are just a few of the items that all point toward the final great heist by the banking cabal. They are coming for our retirement savings, of every stripe, and unless we get our funds out of the system and out the way, our funds will be locked away for our “safety and security”.

– In 2014 Obama introduces MyRA.
– in early 2016 Teamsters announced a cut to pension payments by 60% – could you live with a 60% reduction in income?
– Also In late 2016 we learned CalPERS, the largest pension fund in the country, is severely underfunded
– What about Detroit in 2014 that cut payments, insurance coverage and future cost of living adjustments?

There were bad investments [in Detroit]. There were years the city shorted the annual contributions.

There was a disastrous Wall Street scheme to bolster the pension funds that had the city borrowing money that it eventually could not afford. That was a deal that might not even have been legal.

– Dallas in 2016 decided to put the screws to the pension funds and disallow lump sum payouts as the retirees could see the writing on the wall and were removing their funds at such a pace the fund was collapsing.
– Illinois, Birmingham and Hartford, Ct., are completely insolvent. These are just the governments that have actually “crossed the line” there are plenty more at the “starting gate”.
– Let’s not forget Harry Markopolos exposing how State Street Bank and Bank NY Mellon, for the past 40+ years, steal 0.03% from every pension fund, IRA and 401k account on a daily basis.

These are just the big issues that are well documented across the country and impact millions of people. What about the individuals?

Catherine Austin-Fitts recently explained how there is plenty of funding to make all these pension funds, and a great many more, solvent and be able to produce enough wealth for every citizen to pursue their dreams instead of enslaving us and stripping us of our lives and livelihood.

Ms. Austin-Fitts points out that approximately $40 TRILLION has been stolen from the American people since 1997. With the population of the U.S. being approximately 320 million people you can see there is plenty of money to spread around. This will never happen as this would free the people and the overlords would lose their power and control. The people would demand liberty and freedom from the tyrants in Washington DC and their owners on Wall Street.

The people who run this country want to implement slavery, they believe in slavery, practice slavery. They will chip you. They will take your kids and use them for pedophilia. They will try and make pedophilia legal.
So, we’re talking about a group of people who’s values are, what we would define as completely luciferian. If you let them tear up the Constitution; any decent life you’ve ever known, you can just kiss it goodbye. Source

If we were to simply cut off the narco-drug trafficking and covert CIA operations around the world, and the black budgets that support them, I feel confident our nation would be plenty solvent and the massive debt that currently chokes our lives and our world would greatly improve and our nation could get back to being the great city on the hill. What would our communities look like without the flood of heroin and big pharma opioids delivered by the CIA?

If you look at the divide between the Pilgrims and the Zio-cons and how they’re both acting together, both are acting on, what I would say are very luciferian ways. It’s that sort of demonic behavior and demonic financial model that needs to be dealt with.

Since 1947 we have progressively had a more out of control hidden system of financing, black budget, that has grown increasingly dependent on fraud and financial fraud and narcotics trafficking, organized crime. We’ve literally created an out-of-control model that is so far outside the Constitution. Nobody cared about that as long as they were getting their check.

This means that your house and my house and our property and retirement savings are on the table and the $40 TRILLION has been stolen since the early 1990’s is off the table. Then guess what, there’s a giant sucking sound coming out of our pension funds, our retirement funds and our personal assets in order to balance the budget.

Sean/SGTReport: The deep state does not want Trump and Putin having conversations – they want conflict.

Catherine Austin-Fitts: Let go of Trump vs Clinton or any of this stuff. Right now the important thing that is going on is the budget and pension funds. So, you need to keep your eye on the ball of the budget and what’s happening with the budget and happening with all the things Trump wanted to do and why they are getting stopped by the budget.

We can give $27 TRILLION to the banks but we can’t help the pension funds and there’s not enough money for healthcare. That’s the line – that’s the BIG LIE about the budget. Source

We have a lot of work in front of us and it will require as many people as possible. Can we take our country back from a group of maniacs? I know we can. This nation was founded upon a very small group of people that were “keen to set brushfires of freedom in the minds of man” and they were successful, why should we accept anything less? Why do we continually allow these street-corner thugs to dictate our lives and steal our wealth?

We have the ways and means to change our world. Unfortunately the dope of TV and drugs from big-agra and big-pharma pollute and rot our minds and our spirit, but it is not too late. Look at how blockchain technology, even in it’s infancy, is impacting our world. We, the small business’ of this country, need to figure out a way to make this technology work for us. If we can make blockchain technology work for us we, like the Founding Fathers, can create an unstoppable revolution without firing a shot. We can transform our world in such a way the oligarchs/overlords – Zio-Cons and banksters will be unable to enslave us. Are cryptocurrencies, that utilize blockchain technology, the way to make this happen? Maybe. If they are tied to something real, like gold and/or silver, otherwise, the overlords will be able to shut it down. Bitcoin, Ethereum and all the rest of the fiat cryptocurrencies have a target on their back and their high profile does not serve them well at this point. Gold and silver are the “silver bullet” to the Zio-Cons/banksters. If we don’t start today, we are going to lose what little remains of our freedoms and liberties and our children/grand-children/great-grand-children will awaken a slave to the state/bank.

Don’t miss a golden opportunity.

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